Huawei can not decide! After all HarmonyOS will not reach smartphones

Huawei can not decide! After all HarmonyOS will not reach smartphones

During a conference held yesterday in China, Huawei's president – Wang Chenglu – revealed that the brand would bet on its own smartphone operating system as early as 2020. However, new information reveals that HarmonyOS will not be intended for smartphones after all.

Today, a representative of the manufacturer has basically denied the president's claims. They have ensured that HarmonyOS will actually be introduced on more devices. However, none of these will be a smartphone. Moreover, they confirmed that it will not reach tablets and laptops.

HarmonyOS Huawei smartphones

HarmonyOS will hardly become a viable alternative to Android

After the recent assertions, it seems that HarmonyOS will hardly present itself as an alternative to Android for Huawei smartphones, at least in the short / medium term.

In addition to the (wrong) information revealed by Huawei's president yesterday, there was talk of making HarmonyOS "open source" available. Most likely, this will not happen either, further complicating a possible implementation on smartphones for European markets.

It seemed that launching HarmonyOS on their smartphones could be the only solution to "combat" the absence of Google services and applications. Since this will not happen in the near future, the future of Huawei's smartphone business in Europe will be going through tough times.

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