Home Applications Huawei begins to receive good news and can now buy processors from Qualcomm

Huawei begins to receive good news and can now buy processors from Qualcomm

Huawei begins to receive good news and can now buy processors from Qualcomm

Huawei has been through a very complicated period, all thanks to the harsh measures implemented by the US government. Having been blacklisted by Donald Trump, Huawei was barred from doing business with any US company, including Google and Qualcomm.

These bans have already had a major impact on the manufacturer, which just introduced the Huawei Mate 30 Pro without even having access to any Google services or applications. However, it seems that not all is bad news for the brand, as it may officially resume buying Qualcomm processors.

Qualcomm Huawei

Qualcomm is among the first companies to receive authorization to do business with Huawei

It was last July that the government revealed that it would make special licenses available to companies that needed to do business with Huawei. However, since then hundreds of companies have registered their application, but no license has been issued.

It appears that Qualcomm was the first to gain such privileged access, information confirmed by the company's own CEO Steve Mollenkopf. In addition, it also revealed that they are working on a new long-term agreement with the Chinese manufacturer, but did not disclose details about the products to be sold.

US companies suffered as much as Huawei over Trump's actions

There is no doubt that the US government has created these 'special licenses' to reduce the impact on large US companies, not to help Huawei.

As the world's second largest smartphone maker, Huawei plays an extremely important role in the annual revenues of numerous US companies. By being forced to cease all trade, these companies saw their revenues plummet, creating an environment of concern that forced Donald Trump to give in.

Certainly more companies will follow Qualcomm and hopefully Google will be next on the list. As soon as this happens, Huawei will be able to immediately launch Google services and applications for its smartphones. That would be the only way to get everything back to normal, and Huawei would once again have a chance to compete with Samsung.

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