Huawei AppGallery: developers will be entitled to 100% of revenue


It’s no secret that Huawei is working on ways to make AppGallery a legitimate competitor to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. One of the measures for this is to offer an above-average “slice” of revenue to programmers who put apps on the AppGallery.

As published today in Huawei Developers, during the first 24 months of the presence of an app on the AppGallery, programmers can be entitled to up to 100% of the revenues. After that period Huawei will apply a more conventional rate.


How the AppGallery revenue policy works

Huawei divided apps into 3 categories: Education, Gaming and everything in between, which includes entertainment apps, tools, communication, photography and more. Here are the percentages applied to the AppGallery, detailing what remains for programmers and what remains for Huawei.

Education Apps

  • First year: 100% / 0%
  • Second year: 90% / 10%
  • Time left: 80% / 20%


  • First two years: 85% / 15%
  • Time left: 70% / 30%

Other categories

  • First year: 100% / 0%
  • Second year: 85% / 15%
  • Time left: 70% / 30%

In this way, developing applications for the AppGallery becomes very profitable and attractive for programmers. Although not announced, Huawei no longer charges upfront fees such as the € 25 one-time payment from the Google Play Store or the € 99 annual payments from the Apple App Store.

Google and Apple offer 70% of revenue to developers

Although they were not the first, Google and Apple are responsible for the industry standard where programmers receive 70% of earnings from apps and companies collect the rest.

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