HTC will follow Motorola and Nokia and bring a smartphone "Myth" to the present! Here are the possibilities!

HTC will follow Motorola and Nokia and bring a smartphone "Myth" to the present! Here are the possibilities!

HTC is about to bring a "Myth" to reality! With the success of Nokia and Motorola renewing their older lines, it looks like HTC will follow in the footsteps of its competitors.

Nokia has brought "old guard" mobile phones to the present. The mythical 3310 was furious and the latest "Banana Phone" is still hot. Motorola has gone further by bringing its new version of the Motorola Razr with a folding screen.

HTC confirms the renaissance of a smartphone of the past

Which classic @htc would you like to see us bring back with today's technology?

– Drew Bamford (@drewbam) November 15, 2019

The tweet comes from an HTC executive and asks all his followers on the social network which smartphone they would like to see back with today's technology.

The answers were many. That way, nothing better than remembering company phones that marked a generation. Does HTC have what it takes to rekindle brand lovers?

HTC Advantage X7500Snapdragon 86512GB LPDDR5512GB UFS 3.1 or NVMeOLED QHD ~ 1000nit2x Type C with TV Out / Dex Style2x Speakers 4x MicsPen + Keyboard2G / 3G / 4G / 5GWiFi AX + BT5.1 + GPS .. + NFC + 7000mAhDon't say it's Hard can seeAsus ROG Phone 2

– XQ55 (@ XQ55) November 16, 2019

Maybe I'm a little bit old school. But IMO HTC Diamond 1 & 2 is one of the most iconic design of HTC's smartphones. I've been waiting for an Android version of Diamond since 2009. I am still hoping that one day we would get such a stylish phone as Diamond.

– Howard Hao-Yu Yang (@tekleader) November 16, 2019

On a personal note, I would like to see the Qtek S100 revival

Qtek S100

This was my first smartphone and marked the beginning of my passion for this type of mobile segment. The HTC Qtek S100 has everything to become an icon these days with existing technology.

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