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Android Oreo HTC U11 Europe
The Taiwan-based manufacturer may have days counted on the Android market.

Month after month the scenario repeats itself. Now that we get the quarterly reports from leading mobile device manufacturers, few in the Android realm would suffer as much as HTC. The Taiwanese-based manufacturer is once again falling and about to become … irrelevant.

The word is strong but unfortunately the numbers are even stronger. Especially for a manufacturer that had a handful of years ago held over 10% of the global smartphone market. However, recently the Android maker has faced a recessive spiral.

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We have reached a point where most market research agency reports no longer even bother to list HTC. Its place has been (hopelessly) taken over by the various Chinese manufacturers and the scenario continues to worsen month after month.

Looking now at the Android manufacturer's own fiscal report we can see that the company's revenues fell 37.23% within just one month. The scenario worsens when we go back a year, with HTC down 77.41% over the same period of 2017.

HTC – Android maker faces a recessive spiral

The situation is bad, it's terrible and to get an idea of ​​how worrying we have to look at the last time HTC had such poor revenues. Well, we have to go back until August 2003, the month in which the company fit a value similar to the one registered today. Moreover, throughout the year 2018 the Android manufacturer made about 544.6 million dollars. Although not insignificant, this represents a drop of 54% compared to the revenues obtained during the same period in 2017.

HTC Google Play Store Android
Taiwan-based manufacturer continues free fall … © reuters

Looking more closely at Q2 numbers – April through end of June 2018 – HTC has grossed $ 222.2 million. However, Android maker reported a loss of $ 63.8 million that will dampen the bottom line.

So far, the highlight – financially – would come from selling the smartphone design and production department to Google. Business that earned the company a total of $ 1.1 billion.

This capital inflow kept the brand green, still with $ 621 million in profit during the first half of 2018. Meanwhile, new Android smartphones, new product iterations that never break out of stores, are emerging.

The latest is the U12 + and its impact on the market is … practically nil. In terms of equipment, the main strengths are the virtual reality glasses, in this case the VIVE.

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