Home Mobile HTC makes a 3D recreation of the "Mona Lisa" and how beautiful she is!

HTC makes a 3D recreation of the "Mona Lisa" and how beautiful she is!

HTC makes a 3D recreation of the "Mona Lisa" and how beautiful she is!

HTC continues to go through a very dark moment in the smartphone segment. That is why it has decided to continue to focus more and more on developing its virtual reality technologies. After creating Vive Arts in 2017, the manufacturer will now launch its first major project.

In collaboration with the Louvre Museum, they created an impressive 3D recreation of the "Mona Lisa". The virtual reality experience, "Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass", aims to teach visitors about the history of painting and the model itself.

Mona Lisa 3D HTC Virtual Reality

HTC-created VR experience gives users a unique opportunity

Throughout the "Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass" experience, users are transported on a journey that will reveal incredible details about the history of this painting. From infrared and x-ray images to details on the techniques used by Leonardo da Vinci.

The whole project will allow visitors to better understand and appreciate the work of the mythical painter. To this day, this kind of experience has been totally impossible.

In addition to being available to visitors to the Louvre museum, the "Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass" project will also be made available for users to enjoy at home.

Mona Lisa's 3D Recreation Puts Visitors "In the Eyes" of Leonardo Da Vinci

According to Engadget's Steve Dent, this is an amazing experience. When you introduced the full 3D recreation of the Mona Lisa, where you can see the entire model, you felt that you were seeing exactly the same as Leonardo da Vinci while creating the artwork.

Interestingly, this experience makes it possible to observe details that until now would be impossible to see on a visit to the Louvre. For example, the fact that Mona Lisa had a veil on her head, which is imperceptible in most depictions of the painting.

From what we can see in the project introduction video, it really looks like an amazing experience and it will be HTC's best way to invest its resources.

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