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hp Omen 15 2019: the full review 2020

Powerful. Portable. Nothing holds you back “. HP is not afraid of words to describe its range of Omen by HP gaming laptops. A family of machines that can accommodate both 15 inch and 17 inch models. Less luxurious than the Omen X 2S that we reviewed a few weeks ago, this reference is content with a single screen, putting the keyboard in its place. This laptop is also less powerful and its case is not at all the same. Do not panic, the emblematic red and black colors remain relevant. Phew, we were afraid.

HP sent us the model with the code name 15-dh0022nf which is announced – excluding possible promotion – at 2200 euros.

HP Omen 15 2019

The Omen 15 does not really evolve. It is a reflection that we made as soon as we took the machine in hand. The case has even regressed a little when compared to the 15 inch version we received at the start of the year.

As proof of the positioning of the connectors, back on the sides while on the Omen 15 at the start of the year, HP had the good (the same excellent) idea of ​​positioning a part of it at the rear. It had caused a slight overweight, but who cares: who walks every day with his 15.6 inch gaming laptop under his arm?

HP Omen 15 2019
HP Omen 15 2019

HP succumbs again to the call of finesse but does so in a shy way. The old model had a thickness of 2.9 cm, it reached 2.7 cm. On the scale, we just lose 100 grams (2.38 against 2.48 kilos). Not really enough to make an impression …

In terms of aesthetics, we notice par compared to the previous version, that the rear part of the case is more refined. HP has planed the two growths present under the screen to leave only a nice smooth and flat surface. it slightly clears the lower field of vision and better highlights the angular shape of the 15 inch screen. The protections placed in front of the rear vents are also much less conspicuous.

HP Omen 2019

The back of the screen and the coating of the internal tray are always made of the same metallic material; the plastic remains all around the mat and under the machine.

A good no-frills keyboard

The keyboard of the Omen 15 is pleasant to use. It is a classic of the genre. The backlit keys are slightly hollowed out and offer a short stroke, a pleasant touch and make no more noise than those of competing pianos.

HP Omen 15 2019

(The rest of the review can be found after the video)

Located on the top of the numeric keypad, a key stamped with the range logo allows you to launch the in-house software interface. Thanks to it, you can adjust the ventilation profile, keep an eye on the temperatures of the components or even give priority to games over the occupancy of the bandwidth of your Internet connection, both Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi module 6 present) than wired.

HP Omen 15

We did not spend much time on the touchpad. Indeed, it will not be used in games but maybe more when you take the machine on your knees to watch a movie in your sofa or when you use it on a (large) train shelf. The black surface slides well and the presence of two separate click buttons has delighted allergy sufferers to the “clickable surface” pavers that we are.

A screen that prefers speed to quality

To keep up with the trend, HP planes the side borders of the 15.6-inch Full HD mat screen. Too bad the manufacturer did not continue on its momentum, taking advantage to melt the upper and lower edges.

HP Omen 15 2019

To seduce players and stand up to other 15 inch gaming laptops sold for more than 2000 euros, no choice, you have to bet on a quick refresh panel. It is therefore a 144 Hz model that HP has chosen for its foal, a frequency which enables the G-Sync technology from Nvidia and thus allows the panel to adjust to the number of frames per second generated by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics card.

HP Omen 15 2019

At first glance, the screen offers a good level of brightness but a slightly fair contrast ratio. Not to mention the fidelity of the colors which seemed to us to take some liberties of interpretation in some of our videos.

After passing under the probe, the verdict is final. The brightness is actually rather high with a maximum average raised to 315 cd / m2 and a luminous peak – in the center – of 336 cd / m2. The contrast ratio, for its part, is not very high. It caps below the 1000: 1 mark (990: 1) and thus does less than the average observed on the last references that we reviewed (in light green on the graph below). Result, between a high brightness and a slightly low contrast ratio, the homogeneity is not good and we even noted a little clouding on the slab (white halo).

See the animated graphic on Flourish

As we thought, the colorimetry is not very good. The temperature is constantly above 7000K, it is “too hot” and it distorts the colors. We measured a Delta E at 4.82, one of the worst in recent months (the average being 3). It is really very far from the 0 which represents, as we recall, the perfect accuracy. And this is not the first HP machine to be affected by this evil, the Envy x360 13 2019 or the Omen 15 X 2S also encountered this concern.

There’s what it takes to play AAA 2019 and 2020 well

Like 99% of gaming laptops, the Omen 15 has an Intel processor for the calculations on the one hand, and an Nvidia graphics card for the generation of polygons and textures for video games on the other. For the price demanded, HP released a substantial arsenal with a Core i7-9750H and a GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q (8 GB of GDDR6). As a reminder, Nvidia’s Max-Q models are a little less powerful than conventional references and are, in fact, less energy-consuming. This allows them to motorize PCs with a thinner casing than on a conventional gaming machine.

HP Omen 15 2019

The rest of the configuration consists of 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 512 GB of SSD. However, HP had the good idea to provide a free space for 2.5 inch hard drive in the bowels of the machine, accessible with a few strokes of the screwdriver. The shoe is attached to the case and already connected to the motherboard, ready to use.

HP Omen 15 2019

As the graph below shows, in general, the HP Omen 15 (in orange) defends itself well. He is part of the top three and even manages to win against some machines which, on paper, should be more efficient than him (the Zephyrus S 17.3 inch from Asus for example).

HP Omen 15 2019

See the animated and full screen graphic on Flourish

In pure and hard 3D computing power and in games, the Omen 15 defends itself well, but there, some references also equipped with GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q sometimes take the advantage. It remains that at more than 100,000 points on 3D Mark (CG Graphics Score / analytical score for Full HD), there is not too much to worry about as the ability of the Omen to do shoot a huge variety of games.

HP Omen 15 2019

See the animated and full screen graphic on Flourish

The proof, in two of our reference games, this Omen (in fuchsia) manages to display between 77.1 and 90.7 frames per second in The Division, first of the name, in High then in Ultra.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, it scores between 94 and 99 frames per second. They are good results but, compared to the Triton 500 from Acer for example, our Omen is slightly behind. On the other hand, it puts a nice slap on the Aero 15-X9 2019 from Gigabyte. The Omen’s ninth generation processor has a lot to do with it.

HP Omen 15 2019

See the animated and full screen graphic on Flourish

On old DX9 titles or more oriented towards eSport such as Counter-Strike: GO or DoTA 2, the configuration manages to register scores between 227 and 355 images per second, with almost all the options thoroughly. If you miss a frag or a combined action with your partners, it won’t be the machine’s fault!

Of course, if the Omen is capable of running the games, this machine can quite take the heavier applications. We are thinking in particular of those used for video editing, photo editing or even 3D design. As long as, in addition, your software uses bits of code making them compatible with computation on GPU and cumulative CPU, you will gain in time and in productivity.

Relatively moderate noise, warms up well

If you mobilize all the horses on the platform, provide a good helmet. It will go from very discreet (28.6 dB) to fairly noisy. We noted up to 42.6 dB of nuisance at the height of the activity which is not nothing.

HP Omen 15 2019

As the photo above shows, the cooling system is quite impressive. It consists of two large heat pipes, and two others, of smaller size. Without forgetting the dissipation plates which cover the video memory modules, the power stages, etc. There are also large pieces of insulating material: HP has not skimped on resources.

Read also – HP Omen X Emperium: Can this huge 65-inch gaming screen replace your TV?

Unfortunately, not all of this arsenal protects the processor from the effects of throttling. Yes, the Intel chip is forced to lower its frequencies very quickly – to avoid heat stroke – when it is heavily used at the same time as the GPU.
Instead of turbining at 2.6 GHz, it goes – in less than three minutes – to 2.3 GHz then, after 10 minutes, it picks up again and levels off at 2.1 GHz. The Nvidia chip, too, sees its frequencies oscillate, but remains at cruising speed.
Finally, we measured heat peaks of up to 53 ° C under the machine. As for the mercury on the palm rest, it shows 33.6 ° C.

He is out of breath

Usually, we keep the best for the end. This will not be the case here: the autonomy of the machine is really disappointing. We are used to saying that it is not essential on a gaming laptop but having the possibility of watching a film without having to worry about recharging the machine is pleasant. Whether on the sofa or on the train. Do not rely too much on the Omen in the matter, at best, it takes almost 3 hours in versatile autonomy. In video streaming, do not launch into a long version or into a binge-watching from a series to several dozen episodes: the battery only lasts 2 hours 38 minutes.

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