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How to watch more movies and series on Netflix with a VPN

With the current situation generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are being forced to spend long hours at home, and the need arises to occupy this time in the most positive way possible. Many resorted to a Netflix subscription, with hundreds of movies and series just a click away.

But, what if I told you that you are far from getting the most out of your subscription? UK is far from being one of the countries where Netlfix has a larger catalog of content, not even entering the TOP 10 worldwide.

To get a better idea, in UK Netflix offers you a total of 1,079 series and 2,063 films. While these may seem impressive numbers, in the United States the numbers jump to 1,844 and 4,035 respectively. Nowadays, it is very simple to get access to the complete Netflix content library (and any other streaming service you have active subscription) through a VPN and, at the same time, guarantee your online security.

How to use a VPN to watch more movies and series on Netflix

There are currently numerous VPN services that offer you perfect tools to gain access to all movies and series on Netflix, created specifically to be able to mask your location. It is true that there are several free options when it comes to VPN, but for streaming series and movies they are far from advisable for several reasons:

  • Maximum speed restrictions
  • Limitation on the number of servers / countries available
  • Limited monthly / daily traffic

To have access to all movies and series on Netflix you will need to choose a VPN service that guarantees the best access to streaming services. Currently, one of the best value for money offers is Surfshark, especially with the current discount of 83%, for the 2 year package with an extra 3 month offer totally free.

4 steps to access the entire Netflix catalog

  • Register an account with your preferred VPN service (we recommend Surfshark: € 1.87 / month in the 27-month package)
  • Install VPN on the desired device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, console, etc.)
  • Select a server in the country where the Netflix catalog is most complete
  • Access Netflix and enjoy all the movies and series

Netflix VPN Steps

What makes Surfshark one of the best VPNs for Netflix in 2020

Over the past few years, the VPN services segment has become increasingly fierce, with numerous quality offerings. Even so, Surfshark has always managed to stand out through the great evolution of its tools and quality of service, continuing to be one of the most accessible VPN.

In addition to ensuring stable speeds and access to thousands of servers, there are several highlights that make the Surfshark one of the best VPNs today:

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections (devices)
  • “Kill Switch”: in the event of a server connection break, internet access is immediately interrupted to protect private data
  • Privacy is an absolute priority thanks to the privacy policy no-logs
  • Advertising Blocker, trackers and integrated malware

These are not the only highlights, there are other features that are extremely important in a VPN, when the goal is to access streaming services like Netflix.

VPN Surfshark Netflix features

Whitelister and mode NoBorders

These are most likely one of the most important tools, which guarantee a unique user experience. In the case of Whitelister, allows you to select specific sites and applications to bypass the VPN. For example, you can use the VPN to access Netflix in the United States, while still being able to browse the internet locally without losing access to national sites that may have geographic restrictions.

On the other hand, the mode NoBorders was developed specifically with streaming services in mind. With this tool, you will be sure that you will have no problems getting access to all movies and series on Netflix, regardless of which library you want to access.

Netflix VPN Surfshark Offer

Surfshark offer gives you full access to Netflix for just € 1.87 / month

Currently, Surfshark has an active promotional campaign for its 2 year (24 month) package, which guarantees a total discount of 83%! All the details of this offer below:

  • Total package cost: € 50.38
  • Subscription duration: 27 months (3 months totally free included)
  • Cost after the end of the offer period: € 50.38 / year
  • Purchase with a 30-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction

The subscription of this VPN service can be made through credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrency and even direct debit.

Other VPN services that give you free access to the entire Netflix library

  • NordVPN – € 3.15 / month in a 2-year subscription + 3 months free (-68%)
  • ExpressVPN – $ 6.67 / month (approx. € 5.63) in 1 year subscription + 3 months free (-49%)
  • CyberGhost – € 2 / month in a 3-year subscription + 3 months free (-83%)
  • Private Internet Access – € 1.94 / month in a 3-year subscription + Boxcryptor (-83%)
  • IPVanish – $ 2.92 / month (approx. € 2.46) in 1-year subscription + SugarSync (-76%)

Netflix devices

How to discover the differences of series and movies on Netflix in different countries?

With the rise in popularity of using a VPN to access the complete catalog of movies and series on Netflix, it was only a matter of time before a site like uNoiGS.com was created. This is basically an unofficial Netflix catalog.

Through this site, you will have access to meticulous tools for researching series and films, presenting you with detailed information about each listing:

  • Content type
  • Synopsis
  • Listing update date
  • Movie / series length
  • Netflix and IMDB data

After finding the series or movie you were looking for, just click on it to have access to all this information. In addition, you will be presented with a complete list of all countries where the title is available, as well as the audio and subtitle options available.

In the case of series, this is a very effective way of seeing where the greatest number of seasons is available for a given series.

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