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How to verify your Twitter account without being famous

Verified Twitter account, what is it for?

The first thing you should know is the utility that has this type accounts with the blue check.

The fact that an account is verified does not mean that it is better than another, that it has greater privileges or that, in the case of making money with it in some way, it is paid more for its commercial actions than other users with the same number of followers .

This social network, like the rest, gives this emblem to certain users to check, as its name suggests, the identity of the same. In the case of famous people, it is likely that there are a large multitude of accounts that try to impersonate their identity or, for example, simple fan accounts that repost and share the content of the official account. That is, Twitter gives the verified badge so that, after verifying its identity, it is known that this account is the official account of the person, brand or entity you are looking for.

Therefore, if what you were looking for trying to verify your account was fame and fortune, forget about that because little is going to help you.

What do I need to verify my Twitter account?

This is another of the big questions from users who want to carry out this process. The requirements and information you need to verify your account are the following:

  • Documentation: when carrying out the verification process, this social network will ask you for an official document with which you can prove that it is really you. In the case of natural persons, it will serve to send a photograph that is legible of the ID or passport. For companies, there are different documents that they can use to certify their identity.
  • Use real data from your profile: Another key point is that you use the appropriate information when making your request. By this we mean that you Username is the correct one (whether you use your real name or your artistic name on the internet), your face or logo of your brand can be recognized in the profile picture, and the data from your biography are representative.
  • Social interest accountAs we mentioned at the beginning, you don’t need to be famous or have millions of followers on your account for Twitter to decide to verify it. But, yes, from the social network they request that your profile have a minimal social interest in some area. Therefore, if you do not exceed 100 followers, to say a small number of these, it is likely that they will not consider your request.

This is the essential information you need to verify your account on this social network. In addition, Twitter may request a web link that certifies your work when carrying out the process. Let’s see now what are the steps to follow to access the application form.

How to verify my Twitter account

The verification of accounts is something that this company activated years ago for public figures. Some time later, he decided to give the possibility that any user could request verification but, after the immense number of requests, they decided close this form and this is its current state. But, according to the latest news, as we already mentioned on our website, it seems that the company is working to open the process again soon.

Yes, we can access from our profile to the place where, we hope that soon, we can fill in the verification form to submit our request. You just have to follow the following steps from your Twitter account:

  • Access the settings section of your account, which is symbolized by the icon of the three dots.
  • Here, click on “Settings and privacy”.
  • Now you just have to enter the path “Your account” and then “Account information”.

  • After entering your password, you will access a menu that shows your profile information such as username, phone, country, gender, etc. And just between these options you can locate the one of «Verified», where the process will open. If you want to know everything about this section, you just have to click on «More information».

Now we just have to wait for Twitter to activate the verification option for new profiles to be able to send our request. On our website we will be aware of all the news and we will inform you as soon as this option is available.


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