How to use WeTransfer: the safe, simple and free way to upload files

How to use WeTransfer: the safe, simple and free way to upload files

WeTransfer is an online service where you can easily and safely upload your files up to 2 GB at a time. It is intuitive and does not require any registration. You only need to have a valid email address, follow the onscreen instructions and enjoy the service.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to their duties, especially when working remotely. Then, if you need to send a file to any contact, this is the tool to consider. It's also one of the few platforms that won't ask you to create an account or user profile, although you can do it if you want.

How to send files on WeTransfer via PC / Mac

1. Open WeTransfer in your browser and click "Take me to the free version". Soon after, accept the Terms of Service by clicking "I Agree".


2. Now start with "Add Files" by selecting the files you want to upload.


3. Enter the recipient's email address (valid email address of the person to whom you want to send the contents. Below, enter your email address (the person who sends them). Then you can also include a message or short description accompanying the archives. Finally, click "Download" to begin shipping.


Please be advised that upload times vary depending on file size and internet connection speed. Once the content has been uploaded, you will see a screen similar to the image above.

From there, you can make another free shipping through WeTransfer, or get more information by clicking on "Preview".

Recipient has 7 days to download files

Once the transfer is made, the user (recipient) has 7 days to download the files, and a direct download link can also be shared.

Since you do not need to create a user account, you only have to enter a valid email address. The recipient and the sender will receive a confirmation message containing the summary of the transfer and the links to download the files.

Uses WeTransfer from Android and / or iOS

If you want to upload files for free (up to 2 GB), securely and simply from your Android smartphone or tablet, just download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store (iPhone / iPad).

What does WeTransfer Premium offer?

With an annual cost of 120 euros, or monthly 12 euros, the WeTransfer Plus plan features several perks, listed below:

  • Upload files up to 20 GB at a time
  • Customize the WeTransfer URL
  • Store up to 100 GB of files
  • Transfer Management
  • Password protection of files
  • It is the user who sets the transfer expiration date
  • Is it possible to create an address book
  • Access the command line
  • Customize own page design
  • Chat Support Service
  • Advantages Extensible to WeTransfer Applications

If you are a frequent user of the service and you end up with a large volume of files to upload, then you may consider upgrading to the "Plus" plan. Here especially you find yourself using this platform daily, or in your work.

On the other hand, if it is a sporadic situation, we advise you to stay on the free plan, or look for other alternatives for sending.

There are alternatives to WeTransfer for shipments larger than 2 GB

There are other tools that allow you to upload files online, also for free and without size limitations.

WeTransfer is a European company, founded in 2009 in the city of Amsterdam. It has already become a tool of choice for simple, secure and succinct file submission.

It turns out to be the perfect solution for any user, with the free plan for casual use and the "Plus" plan for professional or more demanding use.

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