How to use EntertainmentBox OTA updater app

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How to use EntertainmentBox OTA updater app

How to use OTA updater app
How to use EntertainmentBox OTA updater app

This will be the last time you will have to use a SD card or Amlogic tool when you update your firmware. We have now finished our OTA (over the air) update app, this will be installed when you run the latest firmware for one of the supported devices below. After you have finished upgrading to our latest firmware update you will see our New Ebox OTA Updater app.

This is what you will use to update your from now on, when you open the app it will inform you if their is a new Update available.

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Supported devices

  • T8-4
  • T8-AML-V3-S
  • T8-AML-V3
  • T8-AMLV2
  • M5-S805
  • EBOX Q Box


Click here to get the firmware files for manual update


Other devices will follow soon.

The Ebox OTA updater app is so ease to use.

  1. Open the OTA Updater app
  2. If their is an update available click download Update.
  3. You will then see two tick boxes wipe cache and wipe data so tick both boxes then click next.( Recommended )
  4. You will get pop up asking for install or cancel so choose Install on it.
  5. It will ask for SuperSu permission on screen so press allow or OK on it.
  6. Now device will install update and reboot to main screen of setup.

If in case your device boot normally without update. So open OTA updater again and on Right top 3 dots you need to choose (option menu) and click “View downloaded Rom’s “. Now choose the firmware file which says Device model number. Click on it and hit install and it should install firmware now.

Each Android TV box has its own specific set of software, called the firmware. Like any piece of technology, it’s important to keep it updated. Android TV boxes usually come with the latest firmware versions that are available. The trouble is, that firmware can become out of date as fast as you can say “Google Update.”

Firmware is what is needed in most electronic devices today. But what is it exactly and what makes it so crucial for products to run smoothly?

For starters, firmware is essentially the programming needed for certain devices to perform their designed tasks.

Unlike software, we don’t use firmware to perform specific activities on devices, but instead use it for their main functions.

Because of this, firmware updates are occasionally needed to make sure the device operates the way it should, as bugs are fixed and programs are altered for consumer benefits.


The EntertainmentBox Firmware Downloads utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Customer Service for guidance.We will not and can not be held responsible for incorrect use.

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How to use EntertainmentBox OTA updater app


  1. payboss

    I get a E:Cannot load volume /misc! And can only reboot the system.

    Am I doing something wrong. It is one of the new q boxes with latest android system on so doesn’t look the same as your video .

    Thanks in advance.

  2. [email protected]

    Clicked on update, then I get MD5 error – downloaded file invalid for T8-AML-V3.

  3. jozsef nagy

    manually upated my T8v2 to rom 20160202 with SD card ok

    when i click on ota says theres an update 20160317 downloads 499 things i click both boxes then click install
    then i grant super su
    reboots to flashing dot yellow orange ball without updating
    so i click on ota again say 20160317 update available click download again this time it goes to next screen click both boxes again
    click install
    reboots S802 logo then ball thing still does not work guys

    ota not updating to 20160317 rom and cant do it manually as this file is not in download section

    any ideas what to do next???????

    • EntertainmentBox

      Hi Jozef, Im going to update the FW on the Downloads page today, Try the new link when its up. Hopefully this will resolve your issue.

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