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How to Shut down Kodi help guide – EBox Help

How to Shut down Kodi help guide – EBox Help
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How to Shut down Kodi

We will show you how to shut down Kodi correctly. With this How to Shut down Kodi help guide.

Do you have a question in mind?  Why sometimes KODI doesn’t start up, or it just displays a black screen? other symptoms are your Kodi keeps losing your backgrounds or skins.

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We would like to ask how you are turning off KODI and your android box at night.  When you are not using the device,  do you simply press the red ‘Power’ button on the remote no matter what the box is doing at the time?

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KODI is like a ‘computer within a computer’. It has its own operating system and that needs to be shut down correctly after each use.

Think of it like using your PC at work or home. You wouldn’t press and hold the power button on your PC to switch it off with the software still running.  You would choose SHUTDOWN from the start menu.

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If you did, then pretty soon your PC  isn't going to start up.  It hasn’t had a chance to tidy away the files it was using before closing down.

So its same with KODI.

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How to shut down Kodi quick guide

  • When Kodi is open click the power icon in the bottom left
  • Click exit
  • Wait for Kodi to shut down before you switch off your device

Please see below our recommendations for keeping KODI running smoothly. This will keep your setup running properly without getting your setup removed. Usually, once you restart KODI this usually happens with user whenever they reboot.  They find they have lost the setup they had on it –

It is very important that KODI is shut down in the correct manner.

The way to do this is from the main KODI menu ribbon. Scroll along the menu ribbon to the option ‘EXIT ’.  It may take a minute, but this will shut down KODI safely. ( If you are on a setup so you may have an option of Shutdown on it or maybe the same KODI menu ribbon).

Refer to below screens for more detail. How to Shut down Kodi help guide.

How to Shut down Kodi help guide

How to Shut down Kodi help guide

Alternatively, if you are running KODI 17 KRYPTON the shut down procedure is as followed.

  • Exiting out of KODI in any other way can result in a corrupted configuration.
  • The following are examples of exiting KODI incorrectly :
  • Pressing the ‘Home’ button on the remote, whilst in KODI to take you back to Android home screen. ( This is OK if you are going to come back into KODI to continue using very shortly only ).
  • Pressing the red power button on the remote to switch off the whole box whilst within KODI. ( This may risk you of loosing your setup on it on when you restart KODI ).
  • Removing the power chord from the back of the box whilst in KODI or whilst in Android. ( The box must always be powered off using the red power button on remote first, before removing the power chord ).

So now you are aware how to Shutdown KODI before powering off the device.  This will help you to use it smoothly and not an unnecessary reinstall of KODI on to your device.

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