How to share tweets on Snapchat now and soon on Instagram

How to share tweets on Snapchat now and soon on Instagram

Twitter, Fleets, and Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Twitter recently introduced a new post option, the fleets. These were nothing more than his own adaptation of the classic stories that we have already seen on platforms like Instagram and before there on Snapchat.

Well, among the options that fleets allowed, the possibility of sharing any tweet published on the platform was highlighted. You simply went to the sharing options, selected to do it in a fleet and that’s it. Well, later you could decorate it with some other element, but the base is that.

Now Twitter wants you to be able to do this same thing, but on other different platforms. For example, take these tweets to other social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc.. Of course, at the moment it only works with Snapchat, but the idea is that soon it can also be done on Instagram and from there we will see where else it goes.

It is assumed that if Instagram will be supported, so will Facebook and Messenger when sharing post options as we already know. But we will see that over time, now we will tell you how to publish these tweets on the currently supported platform.

How to share tweets on Snapchat

As Twitter has explained on its official page, the new tool is very easy to use and it may sound like more than one because it is similar to what other platforms and services offer. A couple of examples that sound the same to you are Netflix or Spotify.

Well, stop share Tweets in a very visual way within Snapchat the process is as simple as we list below.

  1. The first thing is to enter Twitter from its official applications for iOS and Android
  2. When you find a tweet that you want to share, the only thing that must be fulfilled is that it must be from a public account, if it is a private profile you will not be able to do it
  3. With the tweet selected, tap on the Twitter share icon
  4. There you will see a Snapchat icon appear, touch it
  5. The Snapchat application will automatically open and the tweet will appear the same way it does now on fleets
  6. Add different elements that the Snapchat application allows you to add and once ready, hit publish

That’s how easy it is to share any public tweet on Snapchat stories. On Instagram it will be very similar, although for now said integration is beginning to be tested by Twitter. When they are clear that the experience is what they are looking for and is perfectly polished, they will integrate it so that anyone can make use of it. So you just have to be careful.


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