How to Setup Kodi 18 Full Guide 2020

As we all know Kodi has released its latest and stable KODI 18 Leia for public now. Kodi now has Retroplayer gaming and associated game control support and much more. What else? Checkout detail’s below to know more about it. This article will tell how to set up kodi 18.

What’s new in KODI 18?

We are going to put the brief about changes Kodi has made for its Kodi 18 version in public release. You will find a lot of improvements done on Kodi 18 Leia version which was not on Kodi 17 versions as bullet points mentioned below.

  • Retro player gaming and associated game control support
  • Digital Rights Management decryption support
  • Music Library – new ways to explore and enjoy your music collection
  • Live TV improvements, including support for new back-ends
  • Binary addon support and the binary addon repository
  • Android Leanback and voice control
  • Playback improvements (audio and video), including improved Blu-ray support
  • “Estuary” skin modifications and changes to the GUI/skinning engine
  • Revised codebase and build guides

Let’s continue now to get full detail on how to set it up on your Android TV Box or other platforms. You can download Kodi 18 for your device. It is available for All Platforms with installation guide. Checkout EntertainmentBox KODI downloads section HERE. We have made 10 points for any Kodi add ons compatible to use on KODI 18 to be installed for you below.

How to setup any KODI Add ons/Wizard?

  1.  Once you get KODI installed on Android Device and when you open it, So you will see a popup on the screen to be allowed in order for KODI 18 to work or it will close. So follow on-screen instruction and allow it. This will be KODI 18 Home screen now.
  2. There are different ways to setup Kodi 18. You can set up it with official / unofficial Kodi Add ons, Stream using local drive using Kodi as a media player or Play directly using your Hard drive or NAS Drives. So first click on tool icon on the screen.
  3. Select System – Add ons( Left Side of the screen ), Now allow unknown Source. Once you will click the unknown source ON. You will get a Popup on screen as to security terms that Kodi will not be liable in case of data loss or damage of the device. So give your consent if you agree to proceed to use Kodi 18 on its full potential.
  4. Go back for once and select the File Manager option. 
  5. Now Select Add Source (Double Click on it). This will now open up the path you wish to enter and add the Add on the source from on it. You can add multiple sources here and give a name to the sources added with your own choice. You can Google/Youtube search best add on/Setup for Kodi 18.
  6. Now whether you wish to install from Kodi Official Add ons or using Unknown source you have added in Step 5.
  7. Go back for once and select Add on – Install from Zip File.
  8. Select the Added Source in Step 3. Select the file inside the source and it will take some time to enable to Repository.
  9. Now go back for once and select Install from Repository ( Under Add ons Tab ) and select from various option as Video Add ons / Program Add ons or the repository you enabled in step 8, Select it and click on install.

  10. Add on of your choice will get installed and on Home, you will be able to see under Add ons Tab on the left side of it.


Also for you to know Kodi 18 version released is by far the quickest and smooth performing version for Android TV Boxes. And you can check out the best TV Box for KODI 18 better performance as 2020 release Ebox Q Max or Ebox R99 V2. Also, both come with 1-year premium Ebox Connect VPN Subscription. To stay secure and safe when browsing with Unknown sources on KODI.