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How to reset S77 Pro Remote or i8 Keyboard EBox guide


How to reset S77 Pro Remote i8 Keyboard

Do you have issues with your S77 Pro Remote or i8 Keyboard when you are using with your EBox device? If you do you can follow the easy steps to reset these in this How to reset S77 Pro Remote i8 Keyboard EBox guide.

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How to reset S77 pro remote: 


Please reset your S77 Pro Remote as per below steps.

  • First Unplug the USB dongle if connected with your EBox device.
  • Now press the UP + Down key together on S77 pro remote.
  • Then press the OK button ( So all 3 buttons are pushed at the same time )
  • Now the LED light on the remote will flash once.
  • Now plug the USB dongle back into the device and wait for around 5 seconds as its reset and now should connect automatically.
IPVanish VPNIn case of issues when using your S77 Pro Remote try all ports for the USB receiver on the device. Also, check with another set of batteries as you never Know!

How to reset i8 keyboard:

I8 KEYBOARD HOW TO RESET S77 PRO REMOTE I8 KEYBOARD EBOX GUIDEIf your i8 Keyboard doesn’t work as it should. You can try the following methods to reset it:Method 1:
  • First, unplug the USB receiver.
  • Second, install batteries.
  • When the indicator light OFF, press up key and down key at the same time, do not loosen
  • Then press ENTER key
  • Then loose these three keys at the same time.
  • Then the indicator light will be blink
  • Then insert the USB receiver, wait 3-5 seconds,
  • When indicator light is OFF, reset completed

If Method 1 doesn’t work, then you can try Method 2.

Method 2:First, put the USB receiver on your PC’s USB port; Second press the up key, down key and G key together, the indicator will light and then blink, after 3-5 seconds, the indicator will be off, and the reset completed.

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Reset S77 Pro and i8 Airmouse
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