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How to protect your home with the latest technology

Movistar surveillance camera

You shouldn’t wait to be the victim of a robbery. At present there are security alarm systems through which you can adequately protect any type of home. They adapt to the specific requirements of your property, regardless of whether it is a flat, attic, chalet or any other type.

In this way, you will feel that your home is always protected and you will also have the support of professionals specialized in this sector, who will remain connected to your security alarm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Current technology to protect your home

The technological advances experienced in recent years have made it possible to expand the ways of protecting the home, incorporating the mobile as a key element within surveillance systems.

With the progress achieved by the connectivity provided by the internet, you have applications that offer you the possibility of monitoring everything that happens inside your home and even have complete control of an alarm that you connect or disconnect at will.

IP cameras, for example, offer you receive high-quality images in real time. You may monitor the status of your alarm even being miles away away and all this with just hiring a protection service for your home such as the one offered by Movistar Prosegur Alarm home. We know that there may be other alternatives, but this is without a doubt one of the cheapest and safest on the market.

As part of the current technology in security alarms, a series of functions that increase your protection range, highlighting news such as:

  • Security systems employing the deployment of fog or smokeAs a result, the intruder will not be able to move freely and will allow enough time for the arrival of the police, slowing down the thief’s activity and his quick escape.
  • Motion sensors have been further sensitized, activating in a timely manner when capturing strange activities, with panoramic vision cameras that give a full coverage angle in high definition.
  • Such motion sensors send alarm messages type “push” or notification and also through email. In this way the owner makes use of applications within his mobile to view all events in real time.
  • These home alarm systems feature a presence simulation program, which controls lighting, sound or TV, in order for intruders to see activity in the house and move away from it.

Without a doubt, the new technologies aimed at protecting the home are becoming more varied and sophisticated every day. It is only necessary to hire a trusted service to handle them and you can sleep much more peacefully.

The ring

This little gadget is mounted on your doorbell, and consists of a small camera and a microphone. You can answer any ringtone anywhere in the world.

This is extremely useful if you are normally traveling and someone needs to enter.

Before entering the house, certain thieves knock on the door or ring the bell. So this device allows you to take a look inside your home and see who’s calling, so you can detect the threat and contact the police if necessary.

Security applications

A new program has recently been launched that can transform any phone into a surveillance camera. So if you have an old mobile phone, you can install one of these applications and record both video and audio anywhere in your house.

This is beneficial for people who have a small budget and they cannot afford to have a complete security system. In this way, you will get anything that happens in your home captured on high-quality video without spending money.

Fingerprint scanner

With the exception of cufflinks, each person’s fingerprint is unique, making automatic touch signatures the holy grail of protection technology. The fingerprint scanners connected to remotely operated locks they provide the same promise as RFID devices, but also the sophistication that only biology can provide.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 - Analysis

Any of the latest versions can be fooled by a clever photo or piece of putty, but as computers become more advanced and effective, the end result is the improvement of secured locks and personalized profiles for each member of the family.

Smart lock

There are smart locks that replace the normal deadbolt lock with a Bluetooth lock. This is incredibly functional because connects directly to your phone, And it has many advantages!

For example, you can track who enters and leaves the building, handle other people’s digital keys or lock the door from your phone, among other possibilities. This lock will improve protection and totally change the feeling of security in your home.

Face recognition

Faces are another special aspect of recognition that carry considerable promise in the battle against intruders. Facial recognition scanners mounted on building facades they can take pictures, identify the recognition characteristics and allow or deny input without any additional work on the part of the user.

Like fingerprint scanners, the latest versions can be misleading, but the advancement of devices brings more reliable solutions every day.

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