How to pay SCUTs and tolls in debt without leaving home!

How to pay SCUTs and tolls in debt without leaving home!

When traveling on the motorways of UK we have to pay SCUTs, or pay tolls and sometimes both. Here we present the ways and deadlines for paying tolls, even without leaving home.

Via Verde is the best system for paying electronic tolls on SCUTs and the entire conventional motorway network. For those who do not have the identifier, CTT post office is the best option to check and pay outstanding tolls!

Did you pass without an identifier? See the history on CTT tolls and how much you have to pay!

If you do not have Via Verde, or if you do, and for some reason the identifier did not work correctly and you were in the process of e-charging portfolios, you are likely to have tolls in debt. This is the first point to check.

Check the amount of tolls outstanding on the indicated platforms. In addition, you will know the history in which SCUTs passed, both on Brisa and Ascendi roads. You only need vehicle registration to use CTT tolls:

Access the platform CTT – Tolls due

The platform immediately responds to "How do I know which SCUTs I went through?" You can now pay tolls online.

Get MB reference for paying tolls owed

If you have outstanding tolls or SCUTs, there are several ways to pay and ATM It is the most convenient because it is enough to generate an MB reference for this purpose. Here you have 3 ways to request the reference MB to make the payment.

1. By CTT toll platform which also generates the necessary ATM reference. You must enter the vehicle registration number as well as the user's phone number.

Access the CTT platform – MB Reference

2. From your phone, sending an SMS to number 68881 with the following text: CTTMB (space) registration (space) NIF. For example: CTTMB 00-BB-11 206674364. Sending this SMS costs 0.30 cents plus VAT.

3. By CTT application for Android and iOS mobile devices. With your phone or tablet you can generate the ATM reference, among other services and options.

ATM is the easiest option to pay SCUTs and tolls

Then, to finalize the payment of tolls or SCUTs, choose the most convenient means. You can personally address any cash machine, use the MB Way app or the service homebanking, these last two without having to leave home.

After the procedure for paying SCUTs or tolls, an SMS is sent within 48 hours to the mobile phone, thus confirming the payment.

There are more ways to pay late SCUTs

You can go in person to a CTT store or a Payshop agent. In either case you will have the cost plus the 26 cent administrative fee plus VAT. This is the valid regime for vehicles with UK's registration.

Please note that these procedures are only valid during five working days within 48 hours of tolling electronics. So, two days after you pass the SCUT or freeway, you have five business days to pay off the debt.

If using the CTT toll platform does not show any results, it is likely that the normal 5 day time limit has already passed. In this case consult directly the Toll Payment platform:

Access the Toll Payment platform

You can also contact the dealership – Brisa e Ascendi – to provide you with the necessary data. Ultimately, after 30 days, the debts are forwarded to the Tax and Customs Authority and will bring increased costs.

The best way to avoid tolls is Via Verde

To avoid tolls or late payment, the solution is adherence to Green Way. The system operates through direct debit to the associated bank account on a postpay basis, with invoice at the end of the month.

Alternatively, you can request a electronic registration device or DEM with CTT. It is a prepayment system, with the equipment being preloaded and the balance to be spent on each pass through the electronic tolls.

There is also a third option, without registration, in the form of temporary devices (DT). They are supplied at CTT stores, are pre-loaded with 90 days and renewal with each new shipment.

You can drive on UK motorways with foreign registration

There are four solutions to prevent electronic gates or tolls in conventional SCUTs and highways, namely:

Get 3 free tools to calculate the cost of tolls before you leave home, and check out all the ViaMichelin portal can do to plan trips!

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