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How to open the gates of the Warzone stadium with the blue cards

The blue stadium cards

Warzone stadium gates

If you’ve been browsing the different floors of the stadium, you may have come across an item that will look familiar to you. We are talking about access cards, an element that already gave us great headaches on the route of the bunkers and that now they return to the load to bring another mystery.

And is that if you explore the stadium and open the chests that you find along the way, you could come across the odd access card that will serve you for the task that the Warzone developers have left us. And be careful because it will not be an easy task.

What are the cards for?

There will be three cards that we can find around the stadium. All these cards will always appear in areas of the interior of the stadium, whether in the corridors, private rooms or in the garage, but always in loot boxes or loose on the floor somewhere in the corridors.

exist three cards, are from color blue and they are the following:

  • THE 21ST: Corresponding to the Executive Lounge room, a room located on the upper floor of the stadium.

Warzone stadium

  • P2-16: Corresponding to level 2 of the Parking, that is, on the second floor of the parking lot.
  • CL-16: This card will open the door next to the bar, on the ground floor, very close to the pitch.

Warzone stadium

Where can they be found?

There is no set site, as they always appear randomly, but they usually appear near the doors they work on, so you probably won’t have to go around too many times to get one of them.

And where are the doors?

Warzone stadium gates

To make it easier for you to find the doors, we are going to indicate the approximate area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach of them on the Warzone map.

What is inside them?

In the same way that happened with Bunker 11, these rooms hide a good amount of loot with which to win all kinds of weapons and accessories, but the interesting thing will be on a table, and that is that a computer will offer us the first piece of the puzzle to solve.

The enigma of the computer

Warzone stadium gates

In all the rooms we will find a computer that will show us a sequence of numbers and symbols. So far no one has been able to decipher the meaning, but everything points to the need to mix the three codes of the rooms to find something useful. The theory that is gaining strength at the moment is to combine all the codes to get an 8-digit figure. And what would this numbering be for? Well, for another door, of course.

The door and the code

Warzone stadium

On the top floor, quite close to the door of the EL-21 card, we will find a fourth door with a numeric keypad that is waiting to receive the correct code to open. This is where the enigma has blocked thousands of players, who for now do not know what to do with the numbers obtained in the other rooms.

What is the red card for?

As if that were not enough, in the stadium we can also find a red card, but in this case it will not serve to open the doors of the sports complex, but for bunkers 0, 4, 5, 6 and 9. Yes, the bunkers will reopen , and within them we will discover that the numeric keyboards that we could see in the previous season will now respond, waiting for us to enter a valid 8-digit code to continue with the exploration.

Got into the prison bunker, but there’s something new !! from ModernWarzone

The question is, what code is the one to enter? Where do you get it? That is the great unknown that circulates right now in Verdask, and considering that the codes of the state computers change randomly, it may take a long time for the solution to the puzzle to appear.

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