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iPhone 11 - Analysis

In the same way that you need to know if Apple can offer you support, Apple itself needs to know what device you are going to deliver exactly. So for this we will need the serial number of the device that we are going to process. With this number, Apple will know instantly when it was purchased and if it has any warranty extension plan in the event that the basic period exists or has ended.

But how can we know the serial number of an iPhone? Where is the iPad serial number? All these questions have a very simple answer, so let’s explain it to each of Apple’s existing devices so you have no doubt.

Where to find the serial number on the iPhone

IPhone 6 serial number

Depending on the version of iPhone you have, the serial number may be hidden in one place or another. For example, on all iPhone 6s and 6s Plus onwards (up to iPhone 11 Pro), the serial number can be found by accessing the menu of Settings> General> About. In the event that we cannot turn on the device due to a technical problem, we can always offer IMEI technical service of the device, a reference that is laser engraved in the SIM card tray. To find it, we will only have to remove the SIM card tray and sharpen our view.

iPhone IMEI SIM slot

In the case of previous iPhone models (from iPhone 6 to iPhone 5), the serial number will remain in the Settings menu, while the IMEI is recorded on the device’s back cover itself.

Finally, phones prior to the iPhone 4s hide both the IMEI and the serial number in the SIM card tray.

Where to find the serial number on the iPad


In Apple tablets everything is simpler, since both the IMEI (if it is a model with cellular connectivity) and the serial number are recorded on the back of the device. It doesn’t matter which iPad model you have. All have the serial number engraved on the back.

How to know what is the serial number of the iPhone with iTunes

itunes iPhone serial number

In the case that you want to do it in a more comfortable way and without forcing the view, you will only have to connect your device (if it turns on) to the computer and open iTunes. In the summary tab of your device you can find all the details such as serial number, model, IMEI and capacity. In addition, from there you can copy the number automatically to use it on the official Apple support website.

How to know the IMEI and the serial number of the iPhone in case of loss, theft or technical problem


In the event that you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, there are several ways to know the serial number and the IMEI of the terminal to be able to report to the police. The simplest is to immediately look for the original box of your device. There you will find a sticker with all the data of the device, including IMEI number (important to block the device) and serial number (necessary to report the theft).

If you do not have the box saved, you can always access your iCloud profile and find the data there. For it:

  • Access
  • Enter your username and password
  • Find the Devices section and select the desired device to know the data.

IOS devices

This operation can also be done from another device with iOS 10.3 or higher Accessing your profile data in Settings>[Tu nombre] and reviewing the devices you have linked to your account.

Check if your device is under warranty with the serial number

iPhone warranty serial number

Once we have the serial number, we will just have to enter it in the official Web from the manufacturer that is specifically responsible for answering the dreaded question of is my iPhone under warranty? Once you know the answer, you will only have to request an appointment in the technical service to proceed with the repair of your problem.

iPhone warranty serial number