How to install Kodi Apple TV 4

How to install Kodi Apple TV 4 iOS App

How to install Kodi Apple TV 4 iOS App


Yes at last we will show you how to install Kodi Apple TV 4 iOS App with this guide you can sideload Kodi onto your Apple TV 4. Apple has released the new 4th generation Apple TV, an all new Apple TV that includes more powerful hardware, a touch controller, and Siri voice interaction. Content arrives to the devices from the App Store, iTunes Store, and apps that serve as everything from playable games to channels from Netflix, HBO, ESPN, PBS, YouTube, Hulu, And now Kodi. We hope you find this guide useful and would also like to point out we have a page dedicated for Apple Help Guides, this page will be constantly updated with new content when new posts are created, so bookmark it.

If you don’t yet have a free Apple developer account, please learn how to get one using this tutorial. It only takes a few minutes. Also, you will need a USB Type-C cable to complete this tutorial.

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What you need to install Kodi


Please watch this video before you install kodi on your apple TV 4

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Kodi installation guide Apple TV 4

  • Download Xcode, Kodi 16.ipa or Kodi 17.ipa, IOS App Signer.
  • Create A free Apple ID developer account.
  • Connect your device to your Mac
  • Open Xcode 7 on your Mac → click Xcode on the top menu bar now click preferences.
  • Use the + button on the pop up page to add your Apple ID you created in step 2
  • Launch Xcode → click Create a new Xcode Project → select Application under tvOS → Single View Application, and click Next.
  • In the Product name field, insert a unique name like AppleTVorYourNameHere and click Next → Create
  • Ensure that your Apple TV is selected in the destination menu at the top left had side of the screen.
  • Under the Team drop down box, select your Apple ID, and click the Fix Issue button to resolve provisioning issues.
  • Minimize Xcode and open the iOS App Signer.
  • Click Browse on the iOS App Signer and select the Kodi.ipa you downloaded in step 1
  • Select your Apple ID in the iOS App Signer’s Signing Certificate box.
  • Select the Project name/bundle identifier you just created in step 7
  • Click Start in the bottom right-hand corner of the iOS App Signer, and the  new .IPA file for will be built and saved to the desktop.
  • Open Xcode → Window (on top menu bar)→ Devices and select the iDevice
  • Click the ‘+’ sign and select the .IPA file from the desktop and click Open. the app will now be deployed to your iDevice
  • Once finished, you should see the app on your Apple TV’s Home screen.

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Enjoy this guide on How to install Kodi Apple TV 4







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  1. rjkasprzyk


    I used Xcode and iOS App signer with a limited Apple Developer account however my Kodi only functioned for 7 days which was annoying. I found this site by doing a Google search and was very pleased how easy it was to get everything going. I used iMazing and now have both a functioning Kodi and iOS Browser. Thank you, you guys rock!

  2. cvargas910

    Hello guys.
    My apple tv 4 was perfectly fine running kodi 16 and by mistake i update the apple tv to the latest 10.1 and 2 days and counting trying to put kodi again. i have my udid register and all but im not good with xcode or app signer i watched every possible video online and nothing its giving me an error at the end either application could not be verified. help help help thanks

  3. Johnson_86

    Hi, when i install kodi using the koi.ipa linked above, i am unable to get community builds to install correctly. The add ons install correctly but the skins do not load. Have you come across this? i have tried various builds from different sources. I have an apple tv4 with the latest os installed. Thanks.

  4. Kaas

    Hello, I finally got kodi to work on my apple TV 4….

    But how do I add addons, cauze now it’s just an useless program.

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Kaas, we do not advise on things such as this as we specialise in hardware but you could easily search Google on topics such as : best for kodi and you will find useful resources.

      Thank you.

  5. Kerry

    Hi I had kodi installed on my atv but the 9.2 update removed it. I reinstalled it but now when I open it all I get is a white screen how can I fix the issue

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello, you shouldn’t get a white screen unless your app hasn’t been provisioned properly? Redo the provision steps and try to push your app again and it should be fine.

      Thank you.

  6. mike

    i have kodi installed on my apple tv 4 but after 3 months stopped from working so do i have create another free developer account or i can reinstall it again with the same old account?

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Mike, you may be able to re-sign the apps and install again. Try that,

      Thank you.

  7. Damien Brazil

    Hi when I enter kodi on Apple TV after I get a entertainment box advert and can’t get rid of it to proceed. Any advice

  8. Wilco


    I have installed kodi on my Apple tv 4 9.1.1, but when i want to open kodi i hot a white screen.
    Do you have a solutien for this problem.


  9. paul

    hi, kodi starts to download but then i get a message APP Installation failed A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found. Can you advise please.

    • Entertainment Box

      Hi Paul, make sure you have signed the API properly because it seems like you havent performed that step correctly. Just go over all the steps again and see where you may of gone wrong.


  10. CIX

    i am having dificulties in this step select your Apple ID in the iOS App Signer’s Signing Certificate box. as i can’t select any id or its not allow

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Jignesh, have you given your apple TV an ID and added it to the provisions list via the apple developer site? This may be why… We offer a service for this if you cannot do it yourself, click here


  11. Karl Brown

    Do you do a Kodi installation service (for a charge of course), as I already have an apple tv 4 and don’t really want to buy another??

    • EntertainmentBox

      Kodi is a small program, its when you start to install kodi addons it will use more space. Your Apple TV 4 shoild have no issues with space.

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