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Have you ever want to know how to hack a Firestick so you can get the best out of it? Or, you have purchased a new Amazon Fire TV and you can’t really figure out how a Kodi installation can be done? In this self-paced learning exercise, you will learn how you can jailbreak your FireStick even without using a Mac, PC, or any other digital device but only with the use of Fire TV itself. 

When we are done, you will be free to access Kodi and witness all its wonders. Thus, watch television shows, the latest movies, and also live streams. Okay, here’s a complete guide on how to hack a Firestick in every way possible enjoy!


No, Provided the FireStick doesn’t belong to someone else but yourself, you are completely legalized to do with it just as you please. Downloading a Kodi file on your Fire TV is totally legal. Nevertheless, you might get into an actual legal situation when you watch pirated streams or making use of unlawful Kodi addons. For this reason, we have always recommended the use of VPN when it comes to Fire Stick. Through this way, your ISP will no longer be permitted to see what you are up to online.



The initial step you take when hacking your FireStick is actually the most important. You have to first secure your IP address to restrict your ISP from seeing your activities on your FireStick. Therefore, this implies that you won’t acquire copyright infringement notices due to your activities online. You have to first carry out a VPN installation on the Fire TV in order to properly hide your IP address. Not every VPNs is operational on the FireStick, although, IPVanish and EBox Connect does work. On this note, if you wish to activate a VPN on your Fire Stick, I would recommend you sign up with an IPVanish or EBox Connect. As soon as it is done, follow these procedures.

IPVanish is among the first and oldest service providers who have had a reliable VPN application for the FireStick and Amazon Fire TV. Making it work s very easy as the VPN app is free.

Follow these simple steps to Secure your IP on a Firestick

  1. The first thing you need to do is to head over to IPVanish and open an account on VPN.
  2. Launch your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick.
  3. Enter ‘Apps’ which is located at the head of the home screen.
  4. Now click on ‘Categories’ under ‘Utility’.
  5. Select the IPVanish app.
  6. Finally, select the VPN server which you prefer connecting to. 


There are many methods you can use in hacking your Fire Stick. Using a Kodi is by far the most popular method. A Kodi installation on your Firestick or Amazon Fire TV can be done using ES File Explorer. This is a file manager that allows you to download the Kodi app and install it onto your Firestick or Fire TV. 


Follow these simple steps to install ES File Explorer

  1. On the main menu of the Fire TV go to, Settings/System/Developer Options.
  2. Switch on ‘Allow apps from unknown sources’.
  3. From the Amazon Fire Stick main menu, go to ‘Search.’
  4. Type in the box ‘ES Explore’. 
  5. Download and Install ES File Explorer by clicking the app icon.
  6. ES File Explorer is now installed.


Follow these simple steps to install Kodi on firestick using ES File Explorer

  1. Open ES Explorer, go to Tools/Download Manager from the menu on the left.
  2. Next Click on ‘+ New’ from the menu on the bottom.
  3. for the ‘Path’ text box type ‘https://zurl.co/KUoG’ and click ‘OK’.
  4. For ‘Name’, input ‘Kodi’.
  5. Click on ‘Download Now’
  6. The Kodi App will now download. 
  7. You can now go to ‘Tools/Download Manager’ from here you can check the amount of time until Kodi is downloaded.
  8. Once the Kodi apk file is downloaded, click install and Kodi will be installed on your FireStick.
  9. Go back to your Fire TV main menu.

Open the Kodi app.


Follow these simple steps to install any Kodi video addon on your Fire Stick.

  1. Start the Kodi app and go to ‘Addons’.
  2. Click the ‘Package Installer’ Icon found in the top left corner.
  3. Now, click on Install from Repository/Kodi Add-on Repository/Video Add-ons
  4. You will now see a list of video addons, click on any add-on you would like to add and click “Install”.
  5. You will see an ‘Addon Enabled’ notification after a short time.
  6. Return to the Kodi main home screen and choose the ‘Addons’ tab from the column on the left.
  7. Finally, click on ‘Video Addons’.

This is where you will find any video addon you install. 


This Hack is done using a new app in the Amazon store called Downloader. All you need to do is search the Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick for “Downloader” then simply install the app. The Downloader app has a built-in web browser that you can use to navigate to websites and download apps for the Firestick Or Fire TV.  

Follow these simple steps to install Kodi on a Firestick with Downloader.

  1. Go into Fire TV Settings / Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources. 
  2. Also, turn on ADB Debugging and/or USB Debugging
  3. Exit to home screen then navigates to the search button. 
  4. Type in the box “Downloader” then click download or get to install the Downloader app
  5. Launch Downloader
  6. Use the bar on the left to open a web browser
  7. Navigate to https://www.entertainmentbox.com/fire
  8. Finally, click a Kodi 17.6 link to automatically download and install Kodi onto your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick



Alternative Firestick Replacements Unlocked TV Boxes

Fire TVs and Firesticks are restricted in what the can do and what they cannot do. And that’s why you have to hack them to get the most out of them. Alternatively, you could get a fully unlocked TV box that has the option to install any Android app you see fit to install. Below are some of our top unlocked TV boxes that comes with a free 1 Year EBox Connect VPN  

For the best streaming experience use a TV box 


The Best VPN Install Guides

You can install a VPN on almost any device you have. There is a VPN for your Android Box, Android Phone, Windows Tablet or PC. You can even install it on your Apple Mac computer or on your iPhone iPad. It’s now even possible to install a VPN on an Amazon firestick.

With our simple guides, we walk you through the steps of setting a VPN up on all your devices. You can then freely stream geo-locked content from all around the world. With so many streaming choices we recommend a dedicated streaming box like some listed below. 

IPVanish OR EBox Connect VPN

If you only want to use a streaming content on an Android Device like a TV box or phone then our very own “Free” EBox Connect is definitely the way to go. At this time we only have an app for all Android devices including Firesticks and Fire TV’s. If you want to view content on all devices you would need IPvanish as they have an app for Windows, Android and many other platforms.


EBox Connect the Free Android VPN

EBox Connect Free VPN For Android



IPVanish The all in one VPN

IPVanish is the most trusted VPN provider (apart from us!! )And has apps for all devices



So, to conclude, the best way to hack a Firestick is to first install a VPN then download and install Kodi. We have shown you the easiest way to hack any Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. Yes, hacking a Firestick is legal if used correctly. Feel free to leave a comment below if you need any advice!

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