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How to get together on a trip and save your nerves

Since you booked a ticket, all your conversations come down to the upcoming trip, but the mere thought that you will need to collect things kills the whole mood! We understand you: fees can be very dull.

Not surprisingly, many people delay this until the very last moment. And the point is not only in what to take but also in how to pack it. Aside from the trip to the place of arrival itself, fees are perhaps the biggest concern of all travelers. Do not worry! We will help you get rid of the jitzy and prepare for an unforgettable trip.

1. Carefully choose a suitcase

Have you booked a hotel room and are going to lounging by the pool on your recent trip? Or are you planning to travel light in cities and mega-cities? The most important thing is to pack everything in a suitable bag. You need something that you can easily recognize (imagine that you need to find your black suitcase among the others on the conveyor belt) and which is convenient to carry.

A wheeled suitcase is ideal if you are going along asphalt paths and sidewalks, and a backpack with a good back is ideal if you are going to constantly travel from place to place. Whatever bag you choose, make sure it is sturdy and not going to creep at the seams. You do not want to frantically pack your things if the bag suddenly bursts?

2. Write a list of things to travel

This is probably the most tedious part of the fees, especially for those people who are not very organized. However, even if making lists is not part of your daily life, you should make an exception before traveling. Thanks to the list, you will be sure that you have not forgotten anything important, and it is also a good way to keep track of all things during the trip. Think about what things you might need.

Do you need a jacket in case it gets cold? Where are you going to live, give bedding? Can you buy all the toiletries on-site or is it better to take them with you? Scroll through your head all the details of the trip and write down everything that you may need from the moment you board the plane until you return home. Do not forget about the medicines and cosmetics that you need. As soon as you run out of space in your bag, once again go over your eyes at the things on the list and cross out everything that you can do without. And here I would like to move on to the next tip.

3. Take a minimum of things

Here is that second sweater or the third pair of slates, most likely, you will not come in handy. Especially if you are constantly on the road, there is nothing more annoying than carrying a bunch of unnecessary baggage. We all sometimes try to shove the unwelcome into a suitcase, but the reality is that we need very few things. Before you put something in your travel bag, just ask yourself: “Do I need this?” If the answer is no, put it back in the closet.

4. Fold all clothes

We talked about minimizing things above, and now we’ll discuss how to stack them more compactly. If you roll things into “rolls”, they take up less space than when folded. So you will double the free space in the bag: for example, it is easier to fold socks into shoes, and this frees up space! Vacuum packs also save a lot of space. If you don’t have the opportunity to use a vacuum cleaner while travelling to remove air from such a package, try a compression bag for which you do not need a vacuum cleaner.

5. Collect all the necessary documents

Packing so tiring is also because we are afraid to forget something important. You can always do without something on the trip, but when it comes to documents that identify your identity (for example, a driver’s license or passport), you simply can’t forget them. Send copies of important documents to your inbox so that you have access to them in unforeseen circumstances.

 Make sure that your passport will be valid for at least another 6 months (otherwise you simply will not be allowed to board it with him). While you are doing paperwork, make sure that you do not need a visa to travel to the country where you are going. Depending on where you fly, you may be given a tourist visa at customs, but to travel to some countries you need to get a visa in advance. Before you book your ticket, always check what documents do you need to travel to this country. So you will have enough time to find out everything and get the necessary documents.

6. Keep track of your luggage

Is there anyone who has not thought about the possibility of losing all their belongings while traveling? Unfortunately, quite often the luggage is lost (or it can be stolen). The best way to avoid this is to always keep your luggage with you. If you can pack everything you need into a bag in your hand luggage, do it. If you still have to hand over your bag in your luggage, close it with a lock to be sure that no one will rummage in your things. The same goes for your gadgets: always keep them with you.

If you intend to use a public WiFi access point while traveling (both onboard the aircraft and on the spot), you need to protect yourself from hacker attacks and cyber viruses. Believe me, the last thing you would like for your bank card information or identification information to be stolen from you while you are enjoying your vacation.read this article.) If you are traveling to a country with limited Internet access (such as China, Vietnam or Thailand), you need to subscribe to a VPN service in advance so that you can access certain websites. In our list of the best VPN services, you will find a great option for yourself to keep your confidential information safe while traveling and exploring new places.

Nothing can spoil your anticipation before the trip, as the need to pack your things, but if you prepare in advance and do everything to preserve your belongings, you will certainly enjoy a great and hassle-free trip. Have a good trip!

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