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How to get the Dangerous Parkour gold medal in Call of Duty

How can I get the gold medal?

Call of Duty Summer Games

To rise to the highest position of the podium you’re going to have to work hard. Every second counts in the circuit, and you will have to run at full speed, shortening all the way you can. When you think you are doing well, you will discover that there will be another faster option to win a few thousandths, so we are going to leave you with some tricks so you can get the long-awaited gold medal.

Run all you can

The first thing you will have to do is make your character run. To do this you will have to press the left stick to make it run, however, there is an easier way that will make things easier for you. If you enter the game options, you will see the option “automatic sprint” in the Movement section. It will be there where you will have to choose the option “Automatic tactical sprint”.

Automatic sprint COD

Thanks to this change, your character will run at all times automatically, and you can also make big jumps if you combine the movement and the jump button.

Hurry the jump

Call of Duty Parkour

When it comes to jumping from one obstacle to another, rush the button to the last second. There is a moment that the character seems to fall down, it will be at that precise moment when you must press the button to make the most of the distance that separates you from your objective.

Jump to inaccessible places

If you think that as soon as you start you can jump on the back of the truck, you are wrong. The ideal option is to directly reach the roof of it, so we are going to leave you with the shortcuts that we have found so that you know where to jump to gain seconds.

And yes, even if you think the jump is impossible, believe us it can. This is the route that has made us win the gold medal:

  • Jump straight to the roof of the truck


  • Turn around and find the corner of the roof that you have on the right


  • Jump onto the straw block and jump back onto the roof
  • Look for the left corner and jump on the tractor, then look for the blue boxes until you reach the upper floor
  • Now you will have to get on the alpaca step to run and jump to the other side of the hall. You will save a lot of time on this move.
  • Jump outside and look for the roof of the blue truck


  • This part is extremely important. You will have to achieve the perfect sprint to reach the blue box in one jump


  • Get on the wooden wall and jump towards the tractor in front of you


  • From the tractor jump to the page cylinder in front of you and look for the small roof
  • Drop into the blue box and jump from there to the wall closet


  • Turn and jump on the alpacas that surround the tree and look for the next checkpoint that you will see on the box
  • From there jump to the wooden cart and look directly for the goal


In the animated GIFs that we have shared, the record is obviously not reached, since we have captured the video step by step to show it to you. But have no doubt of our achievement, we are completely proud to demonstrate our record of 37.8 seconds:

Thanks to AleMarVaz for the help with the record.

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