With this self-paced exercise, you will be provided with the best and easiest way possible of fixing that Pair Error in Kodi. Most Kodi users have been faced with this problem when playing a stream from some Kodi add-ons. By following the below procedures, you will no longer face messages such as this and can also browse Kodi without any worries! Some popular errors most users face include, olpair,, vshare,, or any other Openload pair message.

This pair error in Kodi takes place if a stream you’re wanting to play needs to be legalized for watching. Although there are some solutions to this problem, I have discovered the first way which is described below as it works perfectly. In the guide below, I will be making use of Placenta as an instance. Nevertheless, these procedures should also work for almost all add-ons that have to do with Kodi.


In case you are a regular Kodi user, you would have probably noticed this message maybe once or twice when trying to watch a TV Show or Movie. After this instruction below to guide you, this message won’t appear when attempting to stream content.

  • Install Kodi and launch your favourite Add-On (I have picked Placenta as an instance)
  • Scroll down and press the Tools bottom (most of you might see Settings when you are making use of another add-on)
  • Press on ‘settings’: Playback
  • Scroll down and hover around the hosters with captchas
  • Click in order to flip the Toggle Switch to Off
  • Click OK

That’s all! When you do this, every stream which needs authorization are removed, this implies that error or any other pair message won’t occur anymore. The only problem most people face while utilizing this technique is that some streams normally get eliminated starting from their viewing options.

Nevertheless, there’s still a means of getting these streams and authorizing your Kodi preferred device to watch them. Before doing this, make use of the second procedure for fixing the above-listed pair error in Kodi:


Be aware that using this procedure means you will have to verify your device’s IP address in order to permit the content to be viewable.

This implies that using a VPN on your device is very important.

  • When permission is needed, you will get the following message or something very alike.
  • To permit you, we will have to visit the link made available in the message. There are many links that may arise when attempting to view a stream. It is crucial to type in the correct link to have access to the content.
  • On all browsers, open the link in the message. In this case, the needed link is
  • Click on ‘I’m not a robot’
  • This will facilitate the reCaptcha verification. Carefully go through the procedures and click Verify
  • As soon as you’re through, scroll down and click on ‘Pair’
  • You will then receive a message stating the Pairing is successful