Newsletter or email marketing

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Private communication, that which you consume in a more leisurely way and on more curated topics is gaining followers. Among the different options that allow us this and get away from the continuous distractions generated by RSS readers, social networks, app notifications, etc., are the newsletter.

Newsletters, email marketing or whatever you want to call the newsletters are nothing really new. For many years they have been used on the Internet, as their communication path is based on email. And before the websites, blogs and social networks became popular they were the usual way to receive information.

Now, with the conquest of social networks and that large amount of inputs that we receive at each moment have returned to gain visibility, because they offer a more intimate communication between the creator of the same and its receiver. And they give you that kind of readings that you keep to consume quietly on the weekend, while having a good breakfast and without the rush of day to day.

How is a newsletter structured? It is very simple, they arrive via email and what they offer you is a collection of articles, products or content that has previously interested you. Therefore, this has many advantages and it does not matter if you are not a brand that sells a product or service or a normal user who wants to share their interests with others.

If we had to list the main advantages of having a newsletter, we could say that they are the following:

  • The user is receiving what really interests him. Mobile phones? Well, mobiles, but if they are topics about video games, then only that and nothing to be dotted with rumors about X or other topics such as science that do not attract attention.
  • Without being a sales tool, it is able to achieve a greater conversion than other channels supposedly designed for it.
  • The economic and time investment is less than that of other types of content that can be generated. You can have a newsletter, get benefits and not have your own website.
  • You create a community of subscribers who are there because they are really interested. And is that if there is something personal is the mail, nobody is going to let his inbox be bombarded with topics he doesn’t want.
  • If you have a blog, YouTube channel or Podcast it can be a great source of traffic.

How to create your first newsletter

Newsletter design

To create your first newsletter it is not enough to collect a series of email addresses and start sending a mass email. Before you have to consider some aspects, because you are using something that is very personal for each user: your email account.

Therefore, It is best to use a service designed by and for email marketing. These startups already comply with the GPDR data protection laws. In addition, they offer interesting tools such as the possibility of personalizing the design of the newsletter, that users are those who subscribe for themselves and give consent to receive such communications, also an option to unsubscribe whenever they want and what was said before, Keep your private data safe.

Then, for the creator of the newsletter, these services also offer tools that measure impact of each of the shipments. For example, the opening rate (how many people open the email), bounce rate (erroneous emails that are in the database), number of clicks achieved, areas of greatest impact or the conversion of users among others.

All these data give useful information for the interests of the creator, and also allow to obtain data to be able to obtain a sponsorship and thus monetize the work. Although as we will see later, there is also the option to create paid newsletter directly.

Therefore, knowing all this, the first step to create a newsletter is to choose which service we will use. Something that is not simple, especially if it is your first time. So, with no intention of extending and reeling service to service, we are going to show you what we consider to be the most interesting to begin with. Over time you can always choose to migrate from one to another or create your own solutions if you have enough knowledge.

The most interesting newsletter services of 2020

Newsletter is coming

A simple search for services to create a newsletter on Google or another search engine will give you multiple results. Some may sound more to you and others are the first time you read them. Therefore, which one to choose? Are they all paid or do you have them for free? Do you offer the same? We go in parts.

There are services that allow you to create a newsletter completely free of charge although there will be some limitations. These can be associated with the maximum number of emails that can be sent per month, the number of subscribers, customization options, support, statistical data, etc. But leaving that aside, the basics are something they all offer.

Of all the services available right now, there are three options that seem the most appropriate to start creating your first newsletter.

  • Mailchimp is a classic, sure that if you are interested in the topic or have been subscribed to different newsletters, you will have received it sent through that platform. It is a very complete tool, it is not really simple, but with so many tutorials and guides on the internet it is easy to solve any type of doubt you may have. Even if you want to do additional things like integrate a landing page to your WordPress blog, Mailchimp has a free option limited to the creation of an audience and 2,000 maximum subscribers. From there, if the limits are exceeded you will have to start paying a subscription that starts at $ 9.99 per month. But as I say, it is one of the best tools to start.
  • Substack is another good option to create your first newsletter. Its operation is very simple, it may not include so many options or extras when it comes to personalizing or creating the newsletter, but that can also be its main attraction. In the end you focus on the content you want to publish and that’s it. And it is a free alternative that has, as a great advantage, the possibility of creating a payment newsletter and having an integrated payment tool.
  • mailer Lite is the third option we propose. This service offers a free plan if 1,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month are not exceeded. If you do, you start paying monthly.

The operation of the three is not complex, but it is true that Substack has the least friction. If you want more design options when creating the newsletter, the Mailchimp editor is somewhat more versatile. Although it is better that you take a look at the three and choose, all are good options and it is already a matter of which one you are most comfortable with.

What to keep in mind for a newsletter to be a success (or at least try)

Now that you know what it is and how to create it, what else should you consider? The first and most important is define what you want to achieve with her. Having a realistic goal marked is paramount.

The second is define what public type you are looking for. That is to say, as we indicated before, the newsletter has a great power of communication, but you cannot abuse it and turn it into a hodgepodge of little connections connected between them that make your subscribers never know what they will find.

Ok, having a margin of surprise is good, but if you talk about technology one day do not talk about cooking the other, about sports the following week and then return to technology with some video game notes.

Then there is the issue of consistency. How often are you able to have a good collection of topics ready? If it is weekly, go ahead; but if you see that time is on you, it is better to give more margin and according to related processes you vary the rate of publication.

Finally, the visual aspect is still very important in the current internet. Having a striking design helps attract the user and perceives more work. It is not the most vital, but it helps to pay some attention. There are services like Canvas that help you to do this, but also a multitude of templates to customize or modify to your liking.

Mailchimp email template

Design templates in Mailchimp

From here it is your turn to start working. Create a template of tasks to prepare what will be the basis of the newsletter, what service you will use, know your options and start with both the first shipments and the dissemination of it to attract more subscribers.

In case it serves you:

  • What do you want to achieve with the Newsletter
  • What will be your target audience?
  • Define the tone, is it a personal or brand newsletter?
  • Create an attractive design that allows different sections to be highlighted
  • Create a shipping calendar
  • Call attention to powerful headlines without falling into the “clickbait”
  • Respect the data protection rules and be clear with your subscribers
  • Analyze the statistics of each newsletter sent to see where to improve

Ready, if it serves you and you are encouraged to create one let us know. And if, on the contrary, what this is for you is to be interested in them, if you find some that are interesting to you by content, way of doing things or other aspects, leave us a comment.