How to copy and save all the data on your PS4 and your new PlayStation 5

How to copy and save all the data on your PS4 and your new PlayStation 5

How do I copy all of my save games?

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Considering that PS5 will offer backward compatibility with all PS4 games, it is very likely that you want to continue keeping those records in more than one game, so for this you will have to copy the saved games from one console to another. If you have a PlayStation Plus account, the normal thing is that all your data is synchronized in the cloud and copied to your new console automatically as soon as you log in, but if for some reason you are not doing it, you will have to copy it manually .

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To do this you will have to turn on both consoles, have them updated to the latest version and log in with the same account on both consoles. Having both consoles connected on the same network, both can be seen and PS5 will start the import wizard automatically if you have turned on the console for the first time.

If you use a WiFi connection, the copying time will most likely be quite long and you could even suffer outages, so it is best to connect both consoles by cable to speed up the process and get the best data transfer. To do the latter you have two options, either you connect both by WiFi and plug an Ethernet cable from end to end from console to console, or you connect each console to the router with an ethernet cable for each one.

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If you had already turned on the PS5 and have not obtained the wizard automatically, go to the PS5 system settings and enter the following menu: Settings> System> System software> Data transfer> Continue.

Select the PS4 from which you want to import the data, choose the ones you need and continue the process by selecting the “Start transfer” option.

This process will copy all the users configured on the PS4, saved games and games stored on the disk.

What about the games installed on a USB disk?

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If you have games installed on an external disk, the solution is simpler than you think, since you will only have to connect the old disk in the new console. If some of those games are game installations that you have in disc format, connect the USB to the console and then insert the disc into the PS5 to start playing.

And the games that I have bought in digital format?

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The data transfer between consoles will take care of copying all the games you have installed on your old PS4, but if you have remembered a title that you deleted from the console in your day and you want to recover it again, don’t worry, you still have it.

To download it again on PS5 you will only have to visit the Library from PS5 and take a look at all the games that you have registered in your profile, so that if you are looking for any special one, you will only have to select it and start downloading.

Can I save the data to USB to copy later?

If you are thinking of selling your old console, and you still have a few days to get hold of the new PS5, you can always use an external USB to copy all the data from your PS4 and later copy it to the memory of your PS5.

Be careful with occupying the internal memory

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Something you should keep in mind is that if you decide to copy many games to the internal memory of PS5, you will be subtracting available space to be able to install new specific games of the new generation. These games necessarily require the use of the internal SSD of the console, so if you take up a lot of space, you might not be able to install the new ones.

For these cases, Sony recommends using a USB 3.0 hard drive to store PS4 games, as this format is sufficient for the games to work perfectly.


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