How to Connect / Setup Hard Disk Drive T8 AML V3s TV Box

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Setup Hard Disk Drive T8 AML V3s TV Box

Setup Hard Disk Drive T8 AML V3s TV Box.

So now you can extend the storage capacity of your EntertainmentBox T8-AML-V3s, T8-4 and T8 V device. You can follow same steps to setup Hard Drive for All devices ( T8-AML-V3s, T8-4 and T8 V )

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On your T8-AML-V3-S device by simply connecting a Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ) up to 2 TB which creates more space available on the device which can be used for recording/downloading content via T8 V3s.

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Now check our guide for setup Internal Hard Disk Drive with your T8 AML V3s TV Box.

Which hard disk drive (HDD) to buy and from where?

We do sell Western Digital Internal Hard disk drive ( HDD ) for a device which is easy to setup on the device as it comes with partition and formatted to NTFS already done on it so its just plug and use it.  We recommend the Western Digital brand which you can buy from us which is compatible for T8-AML- V3s from here or somewhere you want it to be and if you have already got other with you as well then you are good to go with it for setup on device however you may need to create partition and format the HDD to NTFS format as per help video instruction is given on page.

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How to attach Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ) with the T8-AML-V3s device?

Step 1 – Take the T8 V3s device from the box and also the screws inside the box to be used for T8-AML-V3s fitting Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ).


Step 3 – You need to format the HDD to NTFS using a computer to be detected by the device when connected and create Partition using PC. ( Only if HDD is not purchased from us )

Step 4 – Now look at device back panel and you need to open its back panel using a screwdriver. Once it will be opened the back panel will come out and you will see a wire with a jack which needs to be put in HDD ( Hard disk drive ).

Step 5 – Now put the HDD on the back panel which you have removed in step 4 and set the HDD on the back panel and fit it with the screw which was given inside the box as in step 1.

Step 6 – Once the HDD is fit on the panel then connect the Wire jack into your HDD connection slot and fit it into the device than close the panel by fitting it back to a device with a screw.

Please look at the below 5.1 Android T8-AML-V3s video guide  –


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