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How to change the IP: practical guide for mobile, Mac and PC

THE IP address identifies a computer, or mobile device, on the network and the Internet. That said, changing the IP is one of the measures that can protect privacy and prevent, for example, websites from knowing which country you are visiting from.

This article shows you how to change the IP step by step on the fixed, portable and even mobile phone. We also share the advantages of hiding, or changing your PC’s IP to another country, among other tips for mastering your network’s IP address.

How to change the IP of the Windows 10 PC

Using the Windows computer, laptop or desktop, we can change the IP of the PC to another country, as an example. To do so, just follow the steps below, and the nomenclature may vary in previous versions of the operating system.

  1. Go to ⊞ Win – Control Panel
  2. Click on properties
  3. Choose option IPv4 protocol (TCP / IPv4)
  4. In IP Address select Use the following IP address
  5. After defining the desired address, click on OK

How to change the Mac IP

Manually changing the IP address can be done on Apple computers, fixed or portable, following a few simple steps. The procedure can be done, for example, to access a private Internet network, among other purposes.

  1. Go to  – System Preferences
  2. Select the menu Network
  3. Choose the active network (green) in the sidebar
  4. Click the button Advanced …
  5. Select the tab TCP / IP
  6. Optionally notes the current IPv4 address
  7. In the Configure IPv4 menu select Manually
  8. Defines the static IP address in the field IPv4 address
  9. Click on OK and then in To apply

You can also change the IP on your phone and tablet

Although the terminology varies depending on the operating system, Android or iOS, the steps to change the IP on the phone, tablet, or other mobile device, are essentially the same. To know:

  1. Access the Definitions on your phone or tablet
  2. Enter the menu Wi-Fi & Internet
  3. Click on the current wi-fi network and the ⚙️ – Definitions
  4. In Dnetwork details access the Edition
  5. In the advanced options, scroll down to IP settings
  6. Select Static and define the IP address
  7. Finally, click Save, reversible at any time.

You can use a VPN to change the IP address

VPN can be used to mask your IP, something that can be used to access blocked content in a certain region, or country, among other purposes. So, if you want to change your PC’s IP to another country, this is the best method.

Thinking about it, discover the best free VPN today, all working and with great tools for privacy and security online. From the simplest to the most advanced, any VPN can hide your IP from the Internet.

This method is automatic, that is, when activating a VPN, your machine will assume a “new” IP address depending on the country / region chosen. It is also worth mentioning the software “My IP Hide”, indicated to hide the IP address.

How to change the IP router automatically

IP examples

When you turn off the router for at least five minutes, and then reconnect, a new IP is likely to be assigned. However, depending on the operator (network service provider), a longer period may be necessary.

This is because the router receives your address from the service provider (MEO, NOS, Vodafone, Nowo), ISP or Internet Service Provider. To see if this method works, write down the current IP, do the procedure and compare the data.

This procedure can solve some problems connecting a device to the home network, especially when an error message related to the IP address is displayed.

Alternatively, accessing your router’s configuration interface, the gateway, it is possible to change the address manually in some cases, depending on the network provider.

3 concepts to keep in mind before changing the IP

1. IPv4 protocol. It is a unique identification number, assigned to each device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is to help identify computers and devices on the Internet, allowing them to communicate with each other.

A device’s IP address can be compared to a home address, a code that identifies it.

2. Static IP address. As opposed to dynamic, the static address is manually configured for a device, not changing as it happens in cases where this identification is generated via DHCP server.

Static addresses are particularly useful on devices smart home for home automation. The same applies to consoles to play online, or to file transfer protocols (FTP), among other situations.

3. Dynamic IP address. This is an address that is not only associated with a device. That is, a code that is used during a certain period and is subsequently changed to a new one, making it available again.

Finally, a dynamic address can help protect the user’s privacy by, for example, masking the user’s real location. Note also that you should never share your computer’s IP lightly.

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