How to change Audio settings on TV Box

How to change Audio settings on TV Box.

Android 4.4.2 or earlier.

Sometimes it may happen that all of sudden you don’t get Audio when using your box which is connected to your TV and you will be finding it to be difficult what it could issue.

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In this How to change Audio settings on TV Box post we will take you through the steps needs to be followed in case of issues of Audio is not coming throughout TV when using your EntertainmentBox device.

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If you are facing issues of no audio when playing any online streams or using via other method ( USB Videos, SD card videos etc. ) and you have your box connected to TV via HDMI cable so first you need to ensure that your TV is not muted at the time if it is then you need to unmute on TV for audio to work with device.

But in case TV is not muted and still, you have issues of no audio using your Entertainment box device so you can check with changing the Audio settings on the device.IPVanish VPN

Please follow the instructions below for getting it resolved on your Entertainment box device.

  • Step 1: You need to go into the main Android settings window and then select ADVANCED ( option on screen )

How to change Audio settings on TV Box

  • Step 2: Now you need to scroll down and either turn on DIGITAL AUDIO DETECTION or turn it off and manually select your audio output from Digital Audio output options below as per screen below –

How to change Audio settings on TV Box

  • Step 3: If you just have a standard HDMI cable connected to your TV but no sound issue then change the DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT to HDMI Passthrough on it. If you are connected using PCM cable than choosing PCM option and if SPDIF connection with your setup then chooses SPDIF passthrough on it.

How to change Audio settings on TV Box

  • Complete: This will resolve the issue of Audio on the device.

In case of still audio issues on the device, you should consider checking with another HDMI cable connection with your TV from the box.

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