How to cancel HBO now that Game Of Thrones is over

How to cancel HBO now that Game Of Thrones is over

Now that one of the most beloved series in television history is over, many fans feel a void inside. Not only for the series to be over but for the way it happened. The last season of Game of Thrones was a real disaster since storylines that made no sense for characters to escape their established personalities.

So if you subscribed to HBO UK just to watch Game of Thrones and want to give up the service, here's how. There are 3 simple steps that separate you from raising pocket change monthly.

How to cancel HBO step by step

1 – Go to Settings

First, you must open the HBO UK home page. I advise you to do it on the website as a desktop version as the application is very limited in terms of options. Hover over your profile name in the upper right corner and click 'settings.

hbo 1

2 – Click on 'Subscription Management'

In the settings menu you have several options such as account management and application preferences. However what we are interested in is 'Subscription Management'.

hbo 2

3 – Click on 'Unsubscribe'

Without further ado, the option to cancel will be in front of you. As soon as you do this you will be sent to a page where HBO reminds you of the series you haven't seen and 'begs' you not to cancel. You should swipe down and click 'unsubscribe' one last time.

hbo 3

It is important to note that the service will remain active until the billing date. If your billing date is on the 30th of the month and you cancel on the 15th, you will enjoy the remainder of the service until the 30th.

'Cancel HBO' is on Google trends

If we pay a visit to Google search and filter for 'cancel hbo' we can see the massive spike in that search term lately. Ironically, the more episodes went on the more this term rose in interest.

cancel hbo

The truth is that HBO had a very busy start in UK. It arrived before the last season of Game of Thrones to debut so it could raise subscribers.

However, the premiere of the first and third episodes were delayed for hours, prompting hundreds of subscribers to look for alternatives. Taking pirate streams, most UK’s followed the series on the SyFy television channel.

There is more content than Game of Thrones

I can't resist being direct in this situation: anyone who subscribed to HBO UK just to see Game of Thrones threw money away. Mainly because the series was aired on television, being within the reach of just about everyone.

Personally, I subscribed to HBO because of Game of Thrones and Westworld, another fiction series that I highly recommend. Westworld is the story of a hyper realistic amusement park populated by artificial humans programmed to satisfy all the wishes of visiting humans.


There are still movies and other series to explore. Being somewhat saturated with Netflix, HBO offers a panoply of unique content that, while not as vast, may be interesting.

So if you're thinking about canceling HBO just because your favorite series is over, think twice. Chances are you will find interesting content in the service catalog.

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