How to buy on Amazon in UK

Amazon.ES rating for Portugal

Amazon is the largest online shopping platform and although there is no Amazon UK, you can order and buy safely in the national territory, in addition to being entitled to free shipping on certain orders over 29 €.

Follow this guide to buy on Amazon and receive your orders in UK. From the comparison and selection of the lowest prices in the various stores, to the safe methods to pay and the chances of shipping orders.

You can buy safely in the different Amazon in Europe

There is currently no UK’s store. There is no Amazon UK, but we can buy at several stores in this chain and receive orders at home.

We recommend the following stores within the European space, no customs fees and with fast shipments – between two to three days under normal conditions.

You can access Amazon stores, create your user profile and start shopping safely, and make wish lists to keep track of some products and prices. There you can also access other company services like Prime.

Orders are delivered quickly in UK

The business model of this giant is simple, the seller places the items in the online store, but it is Amazon that takes care of packaging, order management and timely delivery of products to the customer.

Sometimes you have more than one seller offering the same product, in which case the platform shows you the various purchase options (multiple sellers) and their feedback. The more positive the evaluations are, the better.

As soon as a purchase is made, the products are shipped from Amazon warehouses to UK and to the desired address. Distribution is carried out by several courier companies such as SEUR, Chronopost, DHL and CTT.

Before buying read customer reviews

Amazon.ES rating for Portugal
Evaluation example on Amazon Brazil for the Logitech Anywhere MX 2S mouse

The first step before buying on Amazon is choosing the right product. You have access to its features and description, as well as several metrics submitted by consumers that can also help you make the right choice.

Among the advantages of buying on Amazon is the attention given to customers and this is also reflected in the various indications at our disposal. You have ratings (in stars), comments (text and / or image), as well as questions and answers.

Amazon has strong consumer support policies, facilitating the product return process and technical assistance for warranty purposes. At any time you can call a collaborator to clarify any question.

Buying on Amazon is safe

Amazon.ES shipping policy for Portugal
Example of the consumer help area at Amazon Brazil

It is normal for you to have doubts, but buying on Amazon is safe and, regardless of the store / country you choose, the user experience is similar. The means at your disposal are the same, but you may have to adapt the language.

From the home page, in the upper left corner you access the options menu, with a floating tab. There, at the end of the list you have the “Help and Settings” section where you can choose the “Help” option.

In this section you have information about the payment methods on Amazon, as well as the procedures for returns and other after-sales service. Amazon is very careful in protecting the customer, deserving a note of praise here.

Postage can be free for UK

Example of free shipping for a purchase on

As a rule, leaving Amazon warehouses, orders can take a minimum of two days to reach UK, with free postage for purchases over € 29. This applies to standard shipping, which usually takes longer.

Free shipping to UK does not apply to all products, even for purchases over € 29, but they are already the norm. It is worth noting that when buying books, postage is free for purchases from € 19.

You can choose Express shipping which in 2-3 days you place your order at home, or normal (standard) shipping that can take between 5 to 8 days Useful. Deadlines that may vary depending on the occasion.

Compare and choose the store with the best prices

Price comparison on Amazon's Tropical Price for Portugal
Price comparison for Logitech MX Master 3 at Tropical Price

The same product is often available at the various Amazon stores listed, with similar prices. However, we recommend that you use tools such as “Tropical Price”, a price comparator in stores in each country.

If you already know what you want to buy, we recommend that you do a price comparison. Within the European space you can buy things from Amazon from any country and have a safe delivery in UK.

It is worth noting that the difference in the price of the product does not always compensate for the difference in shipping costs. As a rule, the greater the distance from the store to UK, the higher the delivery rate, but you can simulate the purchase in the various stores.

You have several payment methods on Amazon

  • Credit / virtual card
  • Debit card
  • Bank account
  • Gift vouchers and promotional codes

Amazon accepts most credit cards, including virtual that you can generate through MB Way, for example. You can also pay with debit card, supporting the majority of banks operating in UK.

Alternatively you can use gift cards or gift cards to discount, in addition to promotional codes. In 2020 it became possible add bank account (SEPA), with UK being able to join this modality with BIC and IBAN.

Choose standard shipping for free shipping

Cost of shipping from Amazon.ES to Portugal
Shipping options (Standard and Express) for Logitech MX Master 3 on

The most advantageous option is standard shipping (standard) with Amazon offering shipping for most purchases over € 29. If you have more urgency, there is also express shipping, more expensive and not always very fast.

Lastly confirm the order, check the quantities and you have the option to include gift options – if it is a gift. That’s where you can make the last adjustments, before confirming and paying, with confirmation appearing immediately in the email.

There you will receive the order confirmation and receipt. If you want it is possible to cancel the order, at any time, until it leaves the seller’s premises / warehouses.

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