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How to buy a PlayStation 5 and not die trying

Where is PS5 stock?

PS5 Design

The million dollar question will remain unanswered. Or well, actually if you have it, and the solution is that in no store. Sony will not have units of its long-awaited console in any store in UK, since all the boxes that today are distributed throughout the peninsula have names and surnames.

Reservations were sold out weeks ago, and today is basically a day of deliveries and deliveries. But luckily, the company has made an effort and has prepared additional stock so that some dealers can open a new reservation period to ship more consoles later.

So am I going to be able to buy a PS5?

PS5 Design

To be exact, you are going to be able to reserve it. The chosen stores speak of “new reservations” so in the absence of specifying details, for now it seems that these extra units will not arrive until later, and may take us until mid-December. We will have to wait for the stores to give more details to specify this point.

Can I go to the store?

PS5 wallpaper

No. Sony’s idea from the beginning is to minimize user travel and reduce the number of people who come to the stores in an avalanche, so all distributors are making appointments to deliver the consoles sold.

Therefore, all these new reservations that will be available today can only be booked online, so forget about doing penance in stores, because you will not find anything there.

Where can you reserve?

PS5 details

The businesses chosen for this new reservation period are the following:

  • GAME: Available from 9 o’clock.
  • Media Markt: Available from 9 o’clock.

Buy PlayStation 5 Physical Edition at Media Markt

Buy PlayStation 5 digital edition at Media Markt

  • Fnac: Available from 9:30.
  • The English Court: Available from 10:00.
  • Xtralife: Available from 12:00.
  • Amazon: Available from 13:00.

The demand is expected to be so high that the store websites do not work properly, so you should be patient, at the same time as fast, since it is very likely that the available units will disappear in a matter of minutes.


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