How To beat 7-star Samurott Tera Raid: Best Counters Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Published: 2023-03-28T21:46:31

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This Guide will cover everything players should know about the 5-star system Samurott Tera Raid How to prevent its critical and devastating impacts in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Wild offers many challenges to players Pokemon In the post-game but none of them are as intimidating as the 7-star special Tera Raids.

Once Every weekend, Game Freak Releases a fan favorite starter Pokemon Taken from an older generation via 7-star Tera Raids. They Enjoy a truly unique experience Tera Type – usually baiting players to use Pokemon with a type disadvantage – and an incredibly versatile moveset.

Starting March 31 players may encounter Generation V starter Samurott In these short-term raids Here’s everything players need to know about 7-star Samurott Tera Raids:

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When Will Samurott See also Tera Raids?

Samurott appears in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid

Samurott Tera Raids The first signs of life will begin to appear in the coming weeks Friday, March 31. They Will run until the weekend and disappear, only to reappeared the next day. Friday. The These are the dates:

  • March 31 – April 2
  • April 7 – April 9

Once The Tera Raids Event concludes. The only way to get a Samurott You can either trade or import it. Pokemon HOME.

7-star Samurott moveset & Tera Type

7-star Samurott It will be a Bug Tera TypeThis will render it vulnerable to Fire, FlyingPlease see the following: Rock-type moves. However, Samurott’s learnset includes moves that can counter all three of those types.

Until The Tera Raids start, we won’t know for certain what Samurott’s moveset will be. HoweverIt will most likely be an a Physical Attacker Use heavy hitting moves that have high chances of being crit.

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This Players assume that assumption has been made. Samurott You will be notified Focus EnergyThis is a great move to boost the Pokemon’s Critical Hit Rate. As These are the examples Pokemon They are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Critical Hits From Samurott’s most powerful moves.

Best Toxicroak Anti-Build

Toxicroak This is great! Pokemon To bring Samurott Tera Raids To deal damage, as well as low stats. Its Dry Skin It is invulnerable because of its ability WaterThe rest of its equipment allows the attacker to be a supporter as well as performs -type moves.

In Players will need to make changes in order to cause damage. Tera Type You can find more information here Flying You can make use of the extraordinary effectiveness Tera Blast. And The players must ensure that they are able to play in the future. Special Attack Stat is greater than their Attack So it is Tera Blast You can benefit from Acid Spray.

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Use Acid Spray On turns 1 through 3, then Terastalize How to use Tera Blast To do the greatest damage. If An additional player is using Acid SpryUse Mud-Slap Instead, lower Samurott’s accuracy.

Best Cloyster Build for Samurott Tera Raids

Cloyster It is a good defensive option Samurott Tera RaidIt is also known as the Shell Armor The ability is incompatible with the will to succeed Critical Hits – and if Smaurott does use Focus Enegery, Shell Armor Success is dependent on it.

Now that crits aren’t a problem, Cloyster You can even get to the point of attacking. Use Snowscape Follow up on the forecast and set the temperature Ice Beam to deal massive damage. Players You can also use Life Dew If necessary, to maintain but not the Shell Bell Should be kept Cloyster in good health.

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The Final slot may be filled by Chilling Water. If A member of your staff is using it. Acid SprayTo charge your account, you can use CW Tera Orb While also decreasing Samurott’s attack stat.

Best Toxapex Build for Tera Raids

Toxapex This build is for a tank and will benefit from its tankiness. Acid Spray Can be used to reduce Samurott’s Special Defense You can also charge your Tera OrbPlease see the following: Recover Can be used for healing Toxapex If you absolutely have to.

What The best thing about this build is it's moves Baneful Bunker And VenoshockIts capability and how it is used Merciless. Players Can you use Baneful Bunker Protect from poison and damage Samurott. ThenWhile Samurott is poisoned and players can use it Venoshock to deal massive damage. If Smaurott doesn’t have Shell Armor, Merciless This will help you land critical hits much easier.

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To Further damage can be done by players Terastalize To a Poison Tera Type Give and take Toxapex The Poison Barb Holded item

That’s everythg you need to know about taking down Unrivaled Samurott in Tera Raids! Check Find out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Below are guides

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