Home Gaming How many games can be installed on a PlayStation 5?

How many games can be installed on a PlayStation 5?

How many games can be installed on a PlayStation 5?

The size of PlayStation 5 games

Sony has shared some details related to the games that will hit the shelves when PlayStation 5 goes on sale officially on November 19, and we can already draw some interesting conclusions. For example, Spider-Man: Miles Morales in its standard version you will need 50 GB of disk space at least, reaching 105 GB of capacity in its Ultimate Launch Edition version, which includes the remastered version of Spider-man from PS4.

If it seems too much to you, the surprising Demon’s Soul needs to 66 GB of space in internal memory, so the two most striking launch games with the Sony label would take no less than 116 GB at least, without counting possible day one updates and future DLCs.

How many games can be installed on the internal disk?

Recall that the internal memory SSD unit specially designed by Sony will have a capacity of 825 GB, so doing a quick count we could estimate that, with an average of 55 GB per game, about 15 games would enter the personal library, which it's not bad at all.

But of course, we must bear in mind that there will be games of all sizes, and if we remember the giant packages of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it is possible that the internal unit will hang the poster completely when you least expect it. And something that we should also count is the space that the console system itself will occupy.

Can we expand the memory?

PS5 details

Sony confirmed that the internal memory of the PlayStation 5 will be able to be expanded with units that can be purchased separately, however, the manufacturer remains completely silent about it, and has not offered any additional details related to the update.

PS5 exterior design

Microsoft has been quite transparent in this case, and has shown the expansion cards that will be available with the launch of the console, some 1TB capacity cards that will not be especially cheap, but at least the option will exist. Knowing that the SSD is proprietary by Sony, these units are also expected to offer astronomical prices, but it is something we will have to keep waiting for.


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