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House of Cards: Season 6 Will Be the Last of the Netflix Series

House of Cards Netflix Kevin Spacey Series
Kevin Spacey is Frank Underwood on Netflix's House of Cards series

The "House of Cards" series is one of the most famous on Netflix, and in today's world of series. The protagonist is Kevin Spacey, who plays the role of Frank Underwood.

However, in a series that already records more than sixty episodes, five seasons and a fairly loyal following, "House of Cards" eventually received a closing moment from Netflix itself.

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This is because Kevin Spacey was the latest member of the universe of movies and series to come across a very serious question about an act he committed in the past.

Rather, that accusation comes from Anthony Rapp, a member of "Star Trek: Discovery," who said he was harassed by Spacey at a party in 1986, when Rapp was just 14 years old and the star of "House Of Cards" was recorded. already 26 (years old) at that time.

Kevin Spacey Netflix Series House of Cards-min

However, Kevin Spacey eventually apologized publicly via Twitter. In addition, it is currently the largest source of tweets, given the relevance that the whole question assumed from various angles. On the other hand, the actor who beautifully plays Frank Underwood in "House of Cards" has even admitted to being homosexual.

However, the big question that many asked, however selfish or logical it may seem, had to do with what would happen to the Netflix series. Well, in that regard, it was not long before Netflix finally reported that next season, Friday, would be the last of it.

Netflix's "House of Cards" series could go on if it wasn't for this episode with Kevin Spacey …

So, even if the producer herself claims that this decision had been made for a long time, she will always be in doubt if she did not do so because of the latest episode described so far.

Finally, all that remains is to say that "House of Cards" is a fantastic series and that I personally feel very sorry that it ends. so early, for whatever reason.

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