Honor Chairman Zhao Ming recently announced that the company wants to strengthen its ties with MediaTek. The claims were made after the launch of the Honor X10, its latest range of equipment. Honor is Huawei’s famous subsidiary, competing in more emerging markets.

It was already known that Huawei also intended to start using MediaTek processors on its smartphones. At first glance, it seems that it is a cost-cutting tactic but there is a main factor for this exchange for the Kirin: the banishment from the United States.


According to the new United States sanctions, Huawei can no longer obtain supply of components for processors from TSMC. This is one of the largest semiconductor suppliers in the world, a key component for the manufacture of CPUs.

Unable to manufacture its CPUs freely, Huawei (and therefore Honor) is turning to MediaTek, which is unaffected by the restrictions. However, this may not be the best solution.

MediaTek processors will not be good substitutes for Kirin

MediaTek has grown a lot since it was known as the processor brand in most smartphones low cost. Currently, its processors are already able to offer good performance. However, they are far from being as effective as the Kirin.

Manufactured by Huawei itself, the Kirins brought many innovations to the market such as artificial intelligence in photography and neural networks so that performance and autonomy were exemplary. It is doubtful that MediaTek can deliver the same quality, unfortunately.

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