Home Android Honor Band 5 Review: A nice screen and a good smartband!

Honor Band 5 Review: A nice screen and a good smartband!

Honor Band 5 Review: A nice screen and a good smartband!

The Honor Band 5 is one of the best smart bracelets on the market for fitness and the best option for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with an equally competitive price, around 30 euros. This is the review, or full review.

A small and discreet bracelet that can give us quick information, keep up with our daily lives and gather a very comprehensive range of metrics and details about our physical activity. All this with a competitive price.


The strengths of Honor Band 5:

  • Bright and well-defined display
  • Range of exercises supported
  • Well structured and detailed application
  • Waterproof up to 50 m
  • Light and comfortable
  • 1 week battery life

The weaknesses of Honor Band 5:

  • Without integrated GPS
  • Charging via microUSB
  • "Cheap" bracelet material

The good design of the bracelet


The design is simple and we have no doubt that this gadget designed to fulfill a function, activity monitoring or fitness of the user. There is a slight curvature in the monitor and the frame following the wrist's physiognomy.

Compared to its predecessor we have no significant changes in appearance, proving that in a winning formula it does not move. With Honor Band 5 we have it, a design that follows form and function and thus deserves a positive highlight.

We have a 0.95 '' AMOLED touch screen, coated with slightly curved glass (2.5D). Below is a demarcated button that accomplishes various tasks, from waking the screen to returning to the home menu.

At the bottom is the heart rate sensor that now works continuously, so you can more accurately record this metric. To access this data we have to access the company application, Huawei Health.

The construction and comfort of Honor Band 5


The product is very light, with 22.7 grams, already with the bracelet. In practice, the Honor Band 5 goes unnoticed on the wrist, and can be worn without interruption without discomfort for the user, even sleeping, bathing, among other situations.

There is, however, one caveat to be made about the bracelet's construction materials, which is quite malleable. The buckle is constructed of rigid plastic and does not inspire confidence, plus the link to tidy up the rest of the bracelet to add volume to it.

It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to change the Honor Band 5 bracelet. Inside we have two buttons that allow you to change this component, available in navy blue, pink, or black.

The screen is the biggest strength


The display is Honor Band 5's biggest asset, with 0.95 inchesusing a panel AMOLED 120 × 240 pixels resolution. In practice, we have a density of 282 pixels per inch, with the slightly curved glass coating the display.

The colors shown are very convincing, with good saturation and easy readability even in sunlight. We can also adjust the brightness in the bracelet settings, accessible through the bracelet menu with a few taps on the screen.

We have at our disposal Night mode, for low brightness. We can also define if we always want it on (always-on), or turning off after 5 minutes. Through the company app we have access to more settings and activation / control modes.

The good range of features in Honor Band 5

Browsing 9 main menus in Honor Band 5 we find the step / activity counter, the heart rate, SpO2, Sleep, Physical exercise, More, posts it's the Multimedia control.

The required function: Step counter


The first of the menus shows us the steps taken each day, sinning in the counting of them. We also have the calories burned, distance traveled, activity time and standing time.

Each of these areas provides some details and, in some cases, contextual information and advice to improve our physical condition, or to motivate us to spend less time sitting.

The Essential Function: Heart Rhythm


By selecting this menu the wristband immediately starts measuring the user's heart rate. Once the measurement is complete, we can repeat the procedure, or view the value history from the Huawei Health app.

The data are relatively accurate, giving us a very accurate approximation of our heart rate. We can refer to this option at any time, or see results during active training sessions.

The Big News: Pulse Oximeter (SpO2)


The oximeter indirectly measures the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. The feature became available last September with a firmware update and has since allowed us to track this new metric from the wristband.

Desirable values ​​range from 90% to 100%, with metrics below 89% already signaling concern. In any case, the accuracy of this sensor will not compare with that of medical devices, even if it already gives us a good approximation.

Best Function: Sleep Monitoring


With Honor Band 5 we have great capabilities for assessing sleep quality. Huawei calls it TruSleep technology, and while we sleep, the wristband keeps track of our heart rate as a way to measure our rest.

Through the companion app we can consult daily detailed metrics, advice for better rest, grouped averages and various optics to categorize the quality of our sleep. It is one of the strengths of Honor Band 5.

In conjunction with the company application, Huawei Health, this was the point that pleased me the most. With lots of information on sleep and nap cycles, I got a detailed log every day and managed to improve the quality of the necessary rest.

The most complete function: Exercise


The monitoring of physical activities, training and some sports (9) are also featured in this bracelet. Now with support for more modalities, we still have to activate each workout before it starts.

  • Outdoor race
  • Indoor race
  • walking
  • Indoor walk
  • Indoor cycling
  • Elliptic
  • Oars
  • Indoor swimming
  • Free training

Within each of these modalities, from the bracelet, we can set goals or alerts. Then, as we begin the training session, we have several metrics to display on the screen, constantly updating.

To pause or end a training session we have to press the circular button for 2-3 seconds until the option to pause or stop the session appears. Immediately, the distance traveled and heart rate data, among others, are synchronized.

Settings and Controls: More


Through this menu we have access to Timer, Stopwatch, Backgrounds (already downloaded), Find Mobile Phone, Brightness, On Screen, Battery and System.

At any time, with the screen activated, tapping it gives you access to the quick view with information on the Bluetooth connection (on or off), battery status (icon and percentage) and weather information (icons).

The most erratic function: Messages


From this menu we have access to notifications received by the mobile phone and sent to Honor Band 5. The type of alert received on the wristband can be set by the user, depending on the application. However, its operation is erratic.

Sometimes notifications are displayed, sometimes not. Randomly the bracelet gives us some warnings, but this is where it most disappoints. In addition, when we receive a call we can accept or silence it, but we cannot reject it.

Finally, this section gives us all notifications received on a first come, first served basis, and cannot respond to them or trigger any action. We can simply see what has come to the mobile device.

The 2nd Big News: Multimedia Control


The update also introduced the ability to control the playback of music, videos, movies, and other multimedia content being played on or from the mobile phone (streaming for example). Implementation is well done.

We can change tracks, stop, pause or enable playback. We have access to the name of the track or movie / video being played and we can even adjust the volume level from Honor Band 5, which is a positive surprise.

The Huawei Health app


Essential and mandatory to use and enjoy Honor Band 5, the Huawei Health app is available for iOS and Android and is free for both platforms. It is from here that we synchronize the bracelet and the information it collects.

The graphics are appealing and the organization of information is well done. We have illustrative graphs for key metrics that unfold into information-packed menus as we select each one.

It is also from there where we can do the download funds for the Honor Band 5 screen for free. We can also update the wristband firmware when available and have access to the various bracelet settings.

Battery life exceeds 1 week


Normal use gives us between 8 to 10 days of autonomy with a load. Functions such as sleep tracking will reduce autonomy, such as logging exercise sessions where sensors are active.

Autonomy itself is one of Honor Band 5's most mediocre points, not disappointing but not surprisingly positive either. By the way, compared to Mi Band 4 this is perhaps the point where it is most disadvantaged.

Carrying the bracelet is still annoying


We eventually have to carry the bracelet and for that we have a crib or cradle that we have to force (fearlessly until we click) so that it clicks and the two pins make contact. It is a still annoying experience, although not time consuming.

The strap also comes with a microUSB cable that is less than a foot long (about 15 cm). We also point out the real risk of losing the charging station, being too small and light.

Fortunately, 100 mAh battery takes a short time to load.

Verdict – a good option for the price


Honor Band 5 is a smartband specialized in monitoring and monitoring physical activities, a task that performs with great performance. In addition, the companion application is easy and intuitive to use.

Best of all are the screen, which has great definition and brightness, plus sleep monitoring capabilities, or a range of exercises supported. We can even control music playback at any time, a good bonus.

The worst aspects are battery life, usually around a week. More subjective, the quality of the strap and buckle leaves something to be desired. Not being uncomfortable, it is noted that they are cheaper materials.

Honor Band 5 can be purchased, for about $ 38 from BandGood shipping to United Kingdom. You can use the EBox coupon for an exclusive discount. Apply the following coupon: BGEBoxhonor5 when placing the order.

Read the review for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the best alternative to this Honor bracelet. Take the opportunity to get to know the 10 Xiaomi mobile phones you will want to buy.

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