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Hongmeng OS: Huawei's new system has everything to work!

Hongmeng OS: Huawei's new system has everything to work!

The Hongmeng OS, Huawei's new system to replace Android is expected to be officially unveiled next Friday. Day the Huawei developer conference kicks off.

The information comes from China and makes perfect sense. Also because it is believed that Huawei has long been working on this operating system. Now, with its revelation so close, let's understand why I believe this system can be all we need.

Huawei Hongmeng OS

Android system is "stuck" by itself

Don't get me wrong. The Android system is probably one of the freest systems in existence. However, the manufacturers are out of ideas. They walk there behind Google and after the updates. Every year is the same thing. Google releases a major update and manufacturers struggle to bring it to their smartphone.

Without thinking of it for something different, something irreverent. Something that makes them unique in the market. That is, a Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi and so on. They are all the same with different shades in your User Interface.

Let's look at Apple's example

Apple tim cook

By combining software with hardware, Apple can deliver a smartphone with less specifications and as fluid as any on the market. In addition, it can keep track of upgrades and arrive almost all at the same time for compatible equipment. Better yet, they accustom the user to their products and services by creating a kind of "prison".

However, this prison is also an almost perfect ecosystem. Too bad it's an expensive ecosystem. However, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods or even Apple TV. They all work well with each other. Functionality from one pass to the other. Simple, intuitive and functional.

Huawei may be Apple's next software

That's why I believe that Huawei has everything to win this race. With more than 200 million smartphones sold every year, the Chinese company already has the devices on the street. You just need to use them.

If you use an Android based system (which seems to be so) then existing Android applications will work without any major problems. The brand just needs to convince users to introduce their Apps into their app store.

If Huawei doesn't want to make a lot of money from its Apps stores, it just has to make a 100% profit on selling Apps and it is believed they will succeed. Especially because Google takes 30% of developer sales.

One system for all gadgets

Hongmeng OS

However, what convinces me most is a system for multiple gadgets. The same Hongmeng OS system will work on tablets, phones, televisions and everything.

If Huawei does things well, this Hongmeng OS may be what will set the brand apart in the future.

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