HomePod mini has arrived! Apple’s “cheap” smart column

apple homepod

We must go back until 2017 for the launch of Apple’s first smart speaker – HomePod. Apple wanted to bring a speaker that reached more consumers, now presenting the HomePod mini.

This will arrive with a rounded design, and promises to emit 360 degree sound. It is worth noting that it comes equipped with the Apple S5 processor, support for AirPlay 2 and can work simultaneously with other sister speakers (like competitors).

apple homepod

It should be noted that by placing two Homepod mini, they will automatically become a stereo product. And streaming music from your iPhone to a HomePod mini will be easier than ever thanks to the U1 chip.

To know that Siri is listening to you, use the top surface of the column that will light up. And while it is simple to use, Apple guarantees that your privacy will not be compromised.

Spotify will not be supported by HomePod mini

So this is a product that promises to work very well with services like Apple Podcasts and Apple Music. In the future you will also have access to services like Amazon Music, but unfortunately Spotify was not even mentioned. Which means that fans of this streaming service are ‘on fire’.

mini homepod

Intercom is one of the highlights of the HomePod mini

One of the highlights is the Intercom functionality. This allows you to send messages from one column in one room to another. For example, if you are late and you want to hurry up. And this functionality will also be available for the iPhone, Watch or iPad.

Although it is a ‘cheap’ column, it is by Apple standards. It will be sold for 99 dollars in black and white, and orders will start on November 6, with sales starting on 13 of the same month. Like the original HomePod, there is no forecast to arrive in UK.

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