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High-end Xiaomi Redmi will rock the market, just like the Pocophone F1

When there is smoke there is fire. After so much speculation, it is with little doubt that we write that the Xiaomi submarque will launch a high end device. The wish has already been expressed by Lu Weibing, and the truth is that if it comes to light it will surely shake the market.

After the success that was the Pocophone F1, it is undeniable that the Redmi Pro 2 (if so its name) has everything to shine. We are talking about a device that, if the rumors are right, will hit the market with an irreverent design. Plus, it will come with firepower and an unbeatable price.

xiaomi redmi pro 2 flagship snapdragon 855 leak

When these characteristics are combined, and Xiaomi's name is noisy, it is difficult not to succeed. Firstly, we are talking about a device that will hit the market with the Snapdragon 855. That was the starting point of all the rumors, and they throw it into the big league.

Top of the line Redmi will be irreverent

In terms of design, even if it comes with a plastic back, Redmi will be neat at the front. According to the latest rumor, this smartphone will come with a screen with very low margins and no hole or 'notch' on the screen.

xiaomi redmi pro 2 flagship snapdragon 855 leak

The front camera will certainly feature the pop up system so 2019, and in the rear we can have a setup triple. Which, for your price range, should be more than satisfactory. When we talk about price range, we point to something around 350 euros.

It is difficult to make predictions in this regard at the time of writing this article. However, if Redmi's ideology follows in the footsteps of Pocophone, with the aforementioned details, we will have an incredible device. And if the Pocophone F1 stands up to the big ones, we can count on a Redmi ready to take off.

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This is an opinion article and mirrors the author's perspective on the rumors surrounding the launch of a flagship Redmi.

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