"Hey Google" – Voice Command is Reaching More Android Smartphones

"Hey Google" - Voice Command is Reaching More Android Smartphones
Hey Google Android smartphones
Have you tested this command on your smartphone?

The distribution of the "Hey Google" command is beginning to take shape and reach several Android smartphones. The news was advanced by blog droid-life, but is also advanced by the site PhoneArena. This is good news for those who like – and can – use this virtual assistant on their devices.

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This virtual assistant is able to control various aspects of your home (if connected) with your smart accessories. From turning lights on or off, activating, deactivating and controlling music playback, news, making appointments in calendars, giving you the weather information of the day, among other tasks. All this preferably in English so you can enjoy a more complete experience.

"Ok Google" and "Hey Google", at your service!

Lucky ones with a clever Google Home speaker often use a simple phrase to wake their virtual assistant. By calling "Hey Google" you can ask artificial intelligence for a wide range of actions that we have already known.Google Data Center Hey Google Android SmartphonesVery soon, to enable this assistant on any of your devices, especially Android smartphones, you will receive a notification that Assistant can be activated and will answer both "Hey Google" and "Ok Google" calls.

News will come to Android smartphones

It is a simple difference in syllables and letters but it will always take some time to train the assistant and to immediately recognize both commands.

This is exactly what the Mountain View tech giant wants to help its assistant answer to both keywords, which they call it by both phrases.

This "Hey Google" phrase that was previously reserved for "Home" devices will now be available for Android smartphones as well. It's not really sweeping news, but it shows us that this tech giant is trying to make its assistant more user-friendly.

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This news has already reached the Pixel line smartphones and is expected to be distributed with an update of the technology giant's App to other Android smartphones.

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