Here’s the “Best Smartphone of the Year”! Editors’ Choice at EBox Awards

Best smartphone of the year, OnePlus 7T Pro 4gnews Awards

The time has come to announce the EBox Awards winners! This award reflects the choice of EBox editors on the best smartphone of the year 2019.

Voting was close, but we came to an unambiguous conclusion. The publishers chose the OnePlus 7T Pro as the best smartphone released in 2019.

OnePlus 7T Pro Wins Best Smartphone of the Year (Editors’ Choice) at EBox Awards

Best smartphone of the year, OnePlus 7T Pro 4gnews Awards

The OnePlus 7T Pro has proved to be a cohesive smartphone in every respect. Not only is its value considerably lower than the competition (which in this vote the price was no objection) but also proved to be a top-notch capable of winning over the most demanding.

While OnePlus launches 4 flagships a year, the OnePlus 7T Pro was for EBox publishers the best equipment you could buy last year.

OnePlus has gained relevance in the international market

Best smartphone of the year, OnePlus 7T Pro 4gnews Awards

OnePlus began its history with the “Flagship Killer” ideology, something that has been fading with rising smartphone prices.

However, this increase has been justified by the improved quality of their equipment. The OnePlus 7T Pro gives us an unstoppable screen, a pop-up camera that makes notch and screen cropping a thing of the past.

Allied to this we have a sublime build quality and specifications to the best of the moment. These were the justifications for EBox publishers to vote for OnePlus 7T Pro as the smartphone of the year. Well! The EBox readers (spoilers) found the same.

In short, OnePlus’ year in 2019 was more than promising. It was a winner. Hopefully by 2020 the company will continue with the same philosophy.

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