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Here are the features of OnePlus 7 Pro that will reach previous models.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was announced last week and came full of news. Some of what we can see at the software level will eventually eventually come to older models of the brand. This is exactly what the Chinese today made known to the world.

According to what we can read in the brand forum, the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T will be entitled to six of the new features of 7 Pro. In fact, these features will be as follows: Fnatic Mode, Screen Recorder, Zen Mode , Quick Reply in Landscape, DC dimming and RAM Boost.

OnePlus 7 Pro

All of these features have in common that they are not hardware dependent. Thus, OnePlus informs that soon the holders of one of the above models will receive the six functions that we will explain.

Fnatic Mode will be perfect for gammers

With this feature, OnePlus wants to ensure that the outcome of your games depends only on your technique. With Fnatic Mode your smartphone will block any distraction, increase the performance of your processor and even the speed of your internet connection. In the end, what will count will be your skill.

Screen Recorder to record what you are doing with your smartphone

From now on you will be able to record your smartphne screen natively. It will be an ideal feature to record that unmissable Fortnite or PUBG performance or simply to create a short tutorial.

Screen Recorder

Zen Mode for a more relaxed life

If you're one of those constantly flooded with notifications, Zen Mode will be ideal to have some time just for you. With this feature, your OnePlus smartphone will give you 20 minutes of rest from the virtual world. Still, you will still have access to the camera and emergency calls.

Quick Reply in Landscape brings quick answers in any situation.

Are you playing or watching a video on Youtube and get a message? No problem! From now on you don't need to change the screen orientation of your OnePlus. With this new feature, quick responses will be at your disposal even with the screen horizontal.

Quick reply

DC dimming means better screen performance

With DC dimming, you'll have a new way to change the screen brightness of your compatible OnePlus device. This will make the screen flicker less at lower brightness levels. However, the Chinese company points out that this could have some impact on color reproduction.

In this particular case, DC dimming will first be tried on OnePlus 6 / 6T and only afterwards will it be sensible to transpose it to OnePlus 5 / 5T as well.

RAM boost will adapt the equipment's memory to your needs

Everything will be based on a learning of your usage habits. Having done that, RAM boost will predict which applications to open next and optimize resources accordingly. This will allow you to take full advantage of the memory you still have available to further increase the performance of your OnePlus.

That said, it's good to see how much the Chinese company continues to value its users. Smartphones that have been around for about two years still have competent hardware and with this feature migration OnePlus is saying that they still believe in their devices from the past.

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