Home Entertainment Box Help toddler Zahra walk – Save her leg

Help toddler Zahra walk – Save her leg

Help toddler Zahra walk – Save her leg

Help toddler Zahra walk - Save her leg

Help toddler Zahra walk – Save her leg

We don't normally do this kind of thing, but this story touched us so much, we wanted to help all we can. Some of team know the family personally, so this makes this case even more special.

Please read on about how you can help a special toddler named Zahra walk by helping to save her leg.

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From the Go Fund Me page. Mom Rehana has written this.

Zahra was born with Fibula Hemimelia (severe lower limb deformity). She’s missing her right fibula (lower leg bone) and has a severe proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD).

All of the doctors in the UK have now come to the conclusion that the only option for little Zahra is to amputate her leg from the ankle (Symes amputation). We have been under several doctors care which all advise the same thing.
Due to Zahra's condition being so rare, doctors in the UK have no treatment available for her. There are only a handful of children born with this condition in the UK, hence the knowledge and treatment are limited.

We need to get Zahra to America to save her leg, by the best specialist doctor to operate on her hip, leg and ankle so she can lead a normal life with a normal looking and fully functioning leg. We will have to travel to Florida for her treatment and we will not be able to afford the travel, the stay, nor the 7 operations that we have been advised she requires.



The series of operations need to take place in America. Due to the complexity of the operations, they, of course, come with a huge expense. The family need to raise £150,000 to save Zahra's leg. The family have set up a go fund me page. Please click here to read more and donate.



We realize that not everyone has spare money for people they don't personally know, but if you can find it in your heart to donate.

We have donated to the cause.

DONATION Help toddler Zahra walk - Save her leg


If you would like to donate, please visit their Gofundme page here.


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