Every so often we have to deal with a WhatsApp problem and today it seems that it will be one of those fateful days for the platform (and its users). Many people are complaining that cannot send or receive photos or audios through the service, a problem that would be more widespread than it seems, if we attend to the numerous complaints that can be read on social networks -Twitter, without going any further, it’s full of comments and jokes In this regard, as usually happens every time the service fails.

WhatsApp really is not “down”: the conversations are fluid and, so far, do not present problems for sending text. The setback arises when you try to send a photo or an audio, finding that it is impossible for it to reach our receiver: the image or the sound recording is apparently loading for a few seconds and then show a message in which the app asks us let’s go back to «Retry». As much as you touch on this notice and try again, the photo or audio never leave our phone to our recipient.


If we take a look at the popular web of records Downdetector -capture on these lines-, we can see that the problem is mainly concentrated in central Europe, however, also to a lesser extent it reaches UK (and to certain Latin American countries so it can be read on social networks, even if it is not reflected on the map). This is also especially evident when reviewing the graph of Whatsapp problem reports – you have it just below -, where there is an outstanding growth of bug warnings about 11:30 in the morning (which is when it seems that communication failures have begun to be experienced more intensely).

WhastApp problems photos

Although at least the conversations are “safe”, it is still a problem for many users, not so much for the images (but also for) as for the audios, widely used for quite some time through WhatsApp to communicate. And it is that the sending of messages by voice has extended a lot in the service, to such an extent that many people choose almost more frequently for this type of format to talk to someone rather than write what they want to tell.

WhatsApp has not communicated anything through its official channels at the moment, so we imagine (and hope) that it is a timely failure that will not take long to be solved. Anyway. and for you to be more calm, we already confirm it to you: the problem is widespread and you are not alone in this. Patience.


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