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Have you blocked me on Instagram? How to find out

The activity carried out by the millions of users who have an account on Instagram is increasing. What if direct messages, publications, stories, reels, comments, direct. It may be so much that you end up getting tired of seeing everything that a specific person does. The solution? Stop following it or, if you want to take more restrictive measures, block it. It is very good when we are the one who performs this process but Has someone blocked me? Today we teach you to discover it.

How to know if you have been blocked on Instagram

If you have doubts or suspect that a user has blocked you on Instagram, there are different ways to know if those indications are correct. It may be someone you did not follow or an acquaintance but, in any case, you will be able to check it by following the advice that we now tell you.

Starting from the simplest, you can carry out several processes to discover if someone has blocked you:

  • The most typical step for is search for that person in the search engine of this social network. Enter Instagram and, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom bar of the screen, you will open this section. Here you can discover new creators and, of course, search for others by their username. If you put in the top bar the name of that person you are suspicious of and, where their profile did appear before, now you can’t find it, it is very likely that there is such a blockage. It could happen in case that account has been deleted or suspended for a while, keep this in mind.

  • The private messages they are another essential tool to discover a possible blockage. If at any time you have exchanged any with that user, access their profile from these messages. If where before you saw all his photographs now it appears that has no publications and, in addition, that the user has not been found, this is a very bad sign. Again, remember that that person may have temporarily deleted or suspended your account.

  • The definitive method is check your followers. When someone blocks you on this social network stop following you automatically. Therefore, if before it appeared in the list of gutters that followed you and now it does not, it is very likely that this blockage has occurred.

How bonus method, whether you have a secondary account or if you can use that of a friend or family member, if you search for that person with another profile and everything appears normally (photos, stories, messages), that means they have blocked you «with all those of the law.

Why have I been blocked on Instagram?

That someone blocks us in this social network, as in any other, is not to anyone’s liking. If you have already discovered for sure that this has occurred, it is a good idea to ask yourself the question of reason that led that person to do it.

It may be a simple anger, envy or any reason without too much importance. But, in some cases, reasons for such a lock are much more worrying such as harassment, name calling or intimidation. Sure we are being too extreme about this but, if you are sure that your case is something of little importance, do not even worry more than necessary.

Go directly to that person and ask them as normal. And, above all, enjoy creating content on Instagram and consuming that of others who “by H or by B” still want you to be friends on the internet.


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