Home Social networks Has Pedro Pascal resigned from his role in The Mandalorian?

Has Pedro Pascal resigned from his role in The Mandalorian?

Has Pedro Pascal resigned from his role in The Mandalorian?

Creative differences, the possible reason for your departure

Everything has originated as a result of the trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian and the viewing of a well-known youtuber, Grace Randolph. During your reaction to the trailer on your channel Beyond the trailer, Randolph takes the opportunity to comment on a rumor that has reached him from two reliable sources that inform him that Pedro Pascal, in charge of giving life to the Mandalorian, has decided to terminate his contract and leave the series.

The youtuber comments that during filming of the second season, Pascal proposed take off the helmet in some of his scenes – he remembers that in the first season he does it only once and when he is seriously injured, since one of the norms of the Mandalorians is to never let another person see his face – and the creative team of the series completely rejected the request.

The Mandalorian

This did not like anything to Pedro, who would have since ruminated about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving, coupled with how uncomfortable it is to wear the armor of his character. It would not be therefore a simple filming for the actor, who would even have resorted to Lucasfilm to intervene on your behalf without achieving the desired result.

The Mandalorian

Such was the disagreement between both parties, that it seems that Disney would have suggested to the actor that he leave and he would not have thought twice.

The most curious of all? That even Jon Favreau himself, showrunner of the series, I would have dropped it indirectly in one of his last interviews and no one would have noticed.

Setting the stage for interviews?

One of the most recent interviews Jon Fraveau has given in relation to The Mandalorian 2 It is the present in the American environment Entertainment Weekly. It talks about what is to come with this second installment and the creative approach to it is discussed.

At one point, Favreau comments on something that has not received much attention until now, but which could well mean a full-fledged “ground preparation” in order to build on Pascal's march. We refer to the moment in which the showrunner recognizes that in the series they can be followed different narrative stories beyond Pascal's: “As we have introduced other characters, there are opportunities to follow different stories.”

Favreau continues: ‘The world was really captivated by game of Thrones and how it evolved as the characters followed different stories, that's very appealing to me as an audience member. “

Will we therefore see a third season focused on another character? Do you think the Pascal march would be a tough stick for Star Wars fiction?


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