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Harley-Davidson’s new electric bike is ‘an exercise in style’

Serial 1 Cycle Company

Harley-Davidson has a new range of products ready to delight us all. This is the Serial 1 Cycle Company, a family of new electric bicycles built under this famous brand that, in addition, finds the model you see on the screen at its best.

Still in the prototype phase, the idea is that people know the essence of the new range through this elegant model that is inspired by the first motorcycle model launched by the company, back in 1904. The white tires, the brown leather of the saddle and the handlebar … there are several details that represent a real wink and make this bike such a special product.

Harley-Davidson electric bike

The Serial Number One, which is the name given to this first model, does not forget the hydraulic disc brakes on both two-piston axles or the LED lights (both front and rear) as well as a transmission belt Brown. All combined in an elegant black skeleton that finishes finishing off that attractive and retro what it looks like and that will serve as the inspiration and basis for future electric bicycles that will be designed and built within this new catalog of the American house.

Regarding the motor, the people of Hybrids and Electric Bet on it being made by Harley itself, although there is no confirmation about it – it could also be from Yamaha.

Availability and price

As we have pointed out, this Serial Number One is at the moment a prototype, created with two purposes: one, to serve to demonstrate what Harley-Davidson is capable of, revealing its design guide and demonstrating what is to come within this new range – in fact, a few months ago they already showed a first preview, but it has now improved with this final “look”; on the other, to test the waters a little and see how many interested there are in these so premium electric bikes.

In case the reception is very large and they really verify that it has enough pull, a production also on a small scale of this model, with the idea of ​​selling it in a kind of more limited edition.

Harley-Davidson electric bike

What hasn’t been talked about is times or prices. Regarding the first, we should not expect anything relatively soon, unless the boom for the bicycle is such that they want to rush with its sale. As for costs, we are talking about the mythical Harley-Davidson company, an electric-type bicycle (which are not cheap) and premium results and finishes, so you should expect everything but a cheap price.


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