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Halo Infinite will offer a massive universe to explore

Halo Infinite will offer a massive universe to explore

During E3, the new Halo Infinite was introduced but without much detail. His trailer shows the mythical Master Chief character returning to the saga, to the delight of many fans. See the video.

However, very few additional details have been revealed so far. Xbox Game Studios director Matt Booty was recently interviewed and one of the topics of conversation was Halo Infinite.

Booty explained that Halo Infinite will not be a sandbox style game but will have a vast world to explore, contextualized in the game's history. The director also explains that the design choices for the levels will be allusive to the first versions of the game, with updated graphics.


The game will also use the new Slipscape Engine game engine, developed by 343 Industries. This engine is also shown in the trailer through the organic textures of the game's characters. The engine will be used exclusively on Halo Infinite and future sequels.

Halo Infinite is set to arrive in 2020 for PC, Xbox and probably Microsoft's upcoming console, whatever its name. The question remains whether the game will have any online or multiplayer components or if it will have only a single player story mode.

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