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Halo Infinite comes to Nintendo 64 thanks to this homemade mod

Halo on Nintendo 64

Halo Infinite N64

If you thought you saw it all, wait until you see this recreation of Halo Infinite made by Hooloppe, a YouTube user known for his retro recreations. And it is that this user had already surprised us previously with intros and scenes of current games running under engines of old consoles, such as Death Stranding for the original PlayStation.

His last job could not be other than Halo InfiniteTaking into account the bad criticism that the first gameplay of the next generation Halo has garnered, it was to be expected that memes and ridicules of it would appear all over the internet. And that’s just what Halo 64 pretty much presents us with, albeit with better intentions than any previously published joke.

Super Mario 64 as a base

Halo Infinite N64

To achieve this spectacular result, Hooloppe has been based on Super Mario 64 to create this incredible recreation of the world of Halo. The idea was to recreate the trailer shown in the last Microsoft conference, and as you can see, the results without spectacular, since it manages to imitate the sequences with an incredible similarity.

Obviously we are not referring to the graphic level, since as you can see, the textures, lighting and effects remain at the level of the 64-bit console, although more than one will find it funny to see Halo Infinite running with such graphic quality , since it could be seen as a somewhat sarcastic way of evaluating what was seen in the official trailer.

The video also has some details that only the most fans of Nintendo 64 will know how to recognize, since the dialogues of the scene are accompanied by subtitles that maintain the Banjo-Kazooie aesthetic, or the end of the demo, which ends with the capture of the Super Mario star, allowing us to return to the Castle through a rather peculiar painting.

A very particular mod

Halo Infinite N64

If there is something that characterizes a successful game, it is the mods that are born after its launch. It does not matter that the game is many years old and the console that allowed it to be played has disappeared. Mods will always keep you alive, and this is a prime example. And it is that, who has not seen more than one GTA mod with which he has hallucinated in colors?

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